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  1. Hey MrCharles 

       How are you doing i see your in vegas are you looking to join a group  

  2. I would love to be able to do that but I'm doing what I think I can do as far as recurting I'm nothing more then a pee on poc for the state and nobody has really given me any direction on what I can and cant do so im trying to keep it low key for now till I get more info
  3. Stymie Nevada Security Force III% checking in also activly requiting
  4. I made a zello app group for anyone in nevada that wants to join and has questions its Nevada Security Force III% 2 password is 4321
  5. @ NVMikeG im in reno but im the point of contact for the whole state if you are loking to join get on facebook lookup III% secruity force and follow the pinned thread then download the Zello app if you want to add me on facebook we can message on there Derek Sherman
  6. not to sure about the vetting form but i do know they are on Zello App look up =/3sf/= and ill have to get the password and you will have todo a quck interveiw and then me and you will have to meet up
  7. umm i dont know are you instrested in joing the security force
  8. Nevada III% Security Force is curently recuiting in nevada for like minded patriots
  9. Stymie checking in 3% Security Force Nevada
  10. i wonder how many of them would actually do it and not go awol
  11. I got mine from and old job i used to work at ive never really had a nick name that stuck so i just picked the last one some one called me
  12. if you have telegram hit me up Stymie 

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