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  1. I'm just going to put this here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/412913502998608?view=permalink&id=421220938834531&fs=0&focus_composer=0&ref=m_notif¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic
  2. It's high time we stopped biting our tongues and allowing our country to turn into another shithole. While American values are being destroyed, they're naming streets after terrorist groups, cut the nuts off anyone who dare speak truth, and wtf are the police taking a knee for? The reason they keep doing what they're doing is there's been no real resistance. I'm sick of it, and I'm sick of the way everyone is bending to their takeover. We know what history says, yet we are repeating it. I've done nothing illegal and I'm not calling for a crime spree. Protecting our country IS protecting our ho
  3. I agree there needs to be platoon sized groups. And when are we going to stop giving a crap what they say, and do what we know needs to be done. Stop letting the line move.
  4. A "healthy debate" yeah that worked well at lobby day. NOT! They're still passing gun laws in Virginia and trying everywhere else. Time for talk is over. And a peaceful seperation of states is the dumbest idea I keep hearing. America is the last stand, the last place anyone has on earth to be free. And, those who entertain breaking it up,and want to run? They would,nt allow it anyway. The economy is already doomed. Can't you people see what they're doing? A simultaneous (fill in the blank) on key people & key places would nip this in the bud, for the most part.
  5. The longer we sit back and let "them" work, the more they will destroy us. They want division, and they ignore any protests and use them to their advantage. I could not fire the first round because I had to sell my weapons to eat, a few years ago. And, that pisses me off more, because I am a Veteran and can't even go out & shoot a deer, let alone defend myself or this country. Even though they strive for division, they fear a civil war and that's why the division, the anti gunners, and this fake wuhan flu. So, we don't get organized enough to fight under one main goal. More & mor
  6. The american dollar isn't worth a hill of beans in the world market because China owns most of our debt. And it's time people like ClintonsPelosiSchiff were dealt with extreme prejudice.
  7. Epoch did an investigative report linking the virus to a lab in China, known to be experimenting with bat corona. The female scientist had been studying it for years, and added the link to humans. That scientist can no longer be found. Neither can that particular version of the video. Now whether it was an accident or on purpose, hasn't been uncovered. Epoch did a couple versions of the investigation. I don't know if any are still there.
  8. What's in N.W. Alabama? Not looking to travel 100's of miles.
  9. I actually had a few mos. I was an Aircract Electrician and cross trained in Avionics. So, I had to have a Secret Security Clearance. I worked on all the electronics on helicopters. Anyone who served, knows 11B is always primary and when I wasn't flying, I was traveling by way of LPC's. I substituted as crew chief on night flights & door gunner in Black Hawks, and at the time, I could repair any electrical problems from Apache to Cobra & everything in between. Early in my career, the Cobra & Huey were transitioned out, but My fav was the Black Hawk. I have a strong background in
  10. I'm new to this site. I moved to Haleyville, Al (N.W.) in 2014. The group here split up before I could join. I'm a Army Veteran, still good with a weapon, don't need all the fancy stuff to accomplish any mission. I had a secret Security clearance and dealt primarily with attack helicopters, and have a few MOS's under my belt. I never stopped serving God & country, where country means constitution. Although; I stay on the fence on the first. God thumps me into the pit of hell to accomplish a task, then yanks the tow rope, and reels me back to the fence. I've always believed in Justice more
  11. I grew up in Claysville, Buck Island to be more specific..perhaps you know the Bright family of crazies.
  12. Looking for groups to get organized & unify.

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