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  1. Great post. This is a major issue that all need to pay attention to.
  2. HEADHUNTER, I can't hear either. Was forwarded to me. posted hoping someone could enhance volume to be able to hear.
  3. If we don't keep posting and investigating, they will just let the topic die. It's not about Epstein, it's about all the elite people who used his service that need to be exposed and brought down. Never Let This Topic Go!!!!!
  4. https://www.newswars.com/pics-of-clinton-aboard-epsteins-pedo-plane-emerge/
  5. America will never be defeated by an outside force. They will never kick in our door. our biggest threat is from within. here in the USA. Yes govt protects our rights? lol. well that's not being done here either. fix us, then maybe, just maybe help others.
  6. once again, i'll mention it. We have way to many problems here at home!!!! We are not the world police!!! Go ahead and keep thinking the same way, everyone does. nothing will change. except the amount of debt we incur. and kids we bury
  7. We as a nation are so far in debt. We spend an unfathomable amount on military. Not to mention we are not the world police. We are losing our country here at home. Why continue messing with other countries. Trump is just doing what every other president has done. Globalist agenda. Military industrial complex agenda. Elite agenda. How many American military personnel have to die before we have had enough of dying for other countries. This has nothing to do with our freedoms here at home. Like I said.... Endless wars P.S. WE ARE NOT A FREE COUNTRY! (at least not anymore)
  8. Line? Hell the line was crossed first many years ago. We keep moving it, they keep crossing. Has to be the most useless question I have ever heard. Nobody sticks to it.
  9. Here we go!!! More endless wars. More fear mongering. More freedoms taken away. More soldiers needlessly dying. All for the name of freedom!!!! This government is such a joke
  10. For anyone who wants to look into the names or any info in the flight manifest of Jeffrey Epstein. Here it is. epstein-flight-manifests.pdf
  11. Just going to throw this out there. I have been in the militia movement for awhile now and have noticed a huge lack of intel sharing here in ohio. I am not looking to join a militia, already did that. I am proposing we create a group of militias, small groups, and lonewolves that can share intel within ohio. Not talking about strategies and things like that. I mean actual intel that is happening in your area. This way we are all in the know. Can also help each other in intel gathering or following up on rumors.
  12. https://www.newswars.com/video-ups-driver-innocent-bystander-fatally-shot-after-police-open-fire-amid-rush-hour-traffic/
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