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  1. Hello Beowulf,

    New member here reaching out to folks in the neighborhood. Still finding my way around the site, but good to see you here nonetheless. Ill be in touch.


  2. I'm in! It's time for all of us to get active and start training. The communists have years on us. Time to do our part to keep this great nation from falling. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke I'm going to send an email right now to my local representative at http://lightfootmilitia.com/unit-locator-map.html
  3. I'm close by. Located in Durham near the Southpoint Mall. Feel free to message me.
  4. I live in Durham and am not going anywhere anytime soon. My objective for this group is to be an active member and to stay involved. I'm a firm believer in what our Founding Fathers established for us and have no interest in seeing it swept away.
  5. They should postpone the rally for 3 days so all the Antifa dipshits (i.e. communists) go back to where they came from before the rally actually happens. No matter what happens at Charlottesville 2.0, gun owners in America will be branded neo-nazis by the media (which the left and the left owned media is already doing - even if they are not white) and the communist gun grab will continue to happen until all the people in America that value freedom are disarmed, at which point the leftists will come and kill every single last one of them. Just like they do in EVERY COMMUNIST take over.
  6. New to the forum and looking for a militia in the Durham County area. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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