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  1. All i can give for input to this thread is that Information is everywhere. Who i am with may not be the same as you are with. I belong to secret society called the Patriot Cells of America and we are becoming active. My induction was in 1972 I have progressed because I am what you term as a person who understand our nations intentions at the first. The Constitution has been changed to protect the guilty, this is maybe a broad statement but it has a caveat Ive been blessed to know many patriots such as yourselves. with that said , Im here to tell you to trust but verify from those you think
  2. Light foot is to the northwest of you 316th Lightfoot brigade all the way from Moscow into Washington
  3. I am positive that your husband waits for you at the right hand of God. " We who have served know the dangers we face. Some are called early, while others are called later . Each has a place in the heart of God and in heaven. We may have had questionable leaders but both men and women at that moment of departure knows their place in the hands of their maker " : Lt Glavicus 127th signal Corp. 1963
  4. RP Militias are still in their foundering stages here in the West. Years ago the FBI set up Militias and took them out Like the Freemen in Montana. we of the Patriot cells saw the problem and as we are the National Com Ham system we have been quiet these many years because of people not wanting to learn how to run their nation... CIVICS is not taught and hasnt been taught for years. When the Internet took over the old militias changed Now LEO'S and city police see the potential need for training the citizens as this election is going to be hotly contested. Idaho has alot of potential but
  5. Study your enemy. If you are a true patriot your job is then to keep track of him to the degree that you learn his weaknesses. Then there is the forming of groups to work together to exploit that weakness. right now the enemy is destroying its own purpose so all you need do is observe. I suggest you study, catalog, and define that which he is most weak in, then as a group study that enemy for future events. Idaho has a large potential membership there are light foot in Bonners ferry area and even into Washington. My understanding is that police as well as sheriff members
  6. Every one here has a thought about what to do with Antifa. i have viewed many vid's and read most of the articles and visit places where antifa hang out. i have found you dont wear any apparel that shows you are the enemy. Thats what i said and meant. NOW THEY HAVE WEAPONS. Ill go thru a short litany of attack weapons. Chlorine Gas manned by the CIA's sponsored terrorists in the far east , Weapons even missiles being shipped in, Pipe bombs such as those designed in the far east, government issued Glocks, and also secrets held from the people about nests of terrorist groups ready for action.
  7. My next question is When the hammer falls can we all be depended upon to carry our Republic foreward? I placed in here before ,i think, that we have a duty as Citizens of the United States of America to serve' it' as well as the almighty, and i don't mention this lightly for our defense will provide that ability and to help we must place in God our desires to defend that which he gave us. always remember the worst thing that can happen to our cause is, not to be skillfully attacked, but to be ineptly defended. May God give us all the strength to complete our path to his completion. Amen br
  8. Well Sgt as we are free men we could actually vote on what to do with it.
  9. In all my years since Vietnam I feel the best of the best came from that war. It was a time of revaluing as the youth were pulled into socialist directions. Yet the Soldier can lay claim to the most common sense given to man by God. Names are names, thoughts are thoughts but we who lived in the fox hole had a very good sight of God.
  10. Sgt I wish to tell you Thank you for your service as all who have fought for this country. Now we are in a different sort of war. One that is just as terrible I had COVID 19 last Fall before it was even talked about. Experiments have been used on we the people. I have lost friends and a doctor reached out to me from New York on a cure which I will place here. I have had to move mountains to get doctors to retrieve this message and others need to know. This works as I can attest to
  11. SSgrt Daily Did you know a man named leatherwood? He also was a sniper in Nam.
  12. http://keep track on twitter the words 'THIS IS TJHE STORM' This will be the beginning. also Have Vita min c on hand as well as ascetic acid . one is not the other but they both fight this virus. Also colloidal silver and food grade H202 (Hydrogen peroxide) Build sprays and nebulize . 1 part 3.5 % H202 and 20 parts 30 to 40 PPm colloidal silver. It does attack the respitory system and will damage the lungs.

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