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  1. Good Evening All, This Saturday we will be meeting at the range in calverton.
  2. Join Union of Liberty and lets take our country back.
  3. I appreciate the education. Flags are a symbol as we all know. with that said, my only issue with those flag submissions are the following. Grand Union Flag - Based on history and opinion- This flag is symbolic for Independence against the British. Betsy Ross Flag - I do not want to tarnish or overwrite its established symbolic meaning. secondly its only representing 13 states out of the 50. Secession Flag Bonnie Blue - West Florida, a republic of English speaking inhabitants in parts of Louisiana east of the Mississippi River who rebelled against the reign of Spanish government and overthrew Spain's provincial Governor de Lassus at Baton Rouge. I feel this is delivering the wrong message. "Civil Flag" - with the new education provided. the symbolism varies and is not well know. It includes all 50 states representation, the sons of liberty stripes and a clear difference to the American Flag we all know and love without disrespecting it or turning or back on the country we intend to save and unify in my opinion we fly the "Civil Flag" and give it a true definitive historic symbol. Respectfully, S. Geronimo
  4. United Militias Flag Proposal. https://www.uscivilflags.org/products.html Civil Flag Arm Patches 2"x3" Nylon 100% embroidered. The Civil Flag is fast becoming the Symbol of the second American Revolution. The emblem of choice of Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Hippies and Pacifists and of course the much maligned Militia. For the hardcore patriot, who's not afraid of showing his colors. Thank God, I do not own a car,.. I mean lease it from the state government. Here's a secret though, most people will not even notice that it is not Old Glory. The good news is that they are still getting the message of freedom and personal responsibility Not only is this flag a lost part of our history, It is intended to be a symbol, a reminder to our government, that We The People are in control of this country. This is our country.
  5. Sons of Liberty, Long Island is looking for active members. join us today.
  6. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/ny-assembly-passes-bill-allowing-illegal-immigrants-to-obtain-drivers-licenses/
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