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  1. I'm guessing they hide their perversions behind some rule somewhere saying that it's ok to provide entertainment in order to draw in supporters (the goal being to bring in more revenue than you spend in support of your cause). In many cases, rules like this are productive in making events fun (think moon bounce for kids, or fruit tray, not tranny strippers). But of course perception is everything and how are the communities supposed to support this kind of trash making our laws and acting as stewards to our communities. Gross
  2. John Last is a true patriot;  1st Battalion Spotsylvania Militia sincerely appreciates your support John.


    Thank you and God Bless you sir!

  3. Couldn't agree more Matt. Thanks for making the trip. Means a lot to your fellow patriots to your east.
  4. I just read through all of this and had a sad epiphany. Maybe I'm late to the party here....? But seriously there's no more talking to people on this level of stupid. I'm losing interest in caring what these people think at all. They want us disarmed by any means necessary, even if they have clear evidence that it may not be a good idea..... Soap box Ballot box Jury box (where we are now....) Ammo box
  5. Keep in mind when you see radical stuff there is some fear mongering taking place by folks who are looking to make a buck. However, If for whatever reason, blue helmets land in VA to support unconstitutional gun confiscation the war will break out swiftly. No one wearing that pretty blue helmet or anyone standing behind them will be safe, especially the Dems who brought this on. Patriots please; if you're not connected with other patriots near you please get connected now. This is the time for less talk and more action. If you're in VA you're welcome to attend the 1st Battalion Spotsylvania Militia meeting this Saturday in Fredericksburg VA. Message me if you need details. God Bless and God Speed!
  6. There is still a gun behind every blade of grass in this great nation. Don't worry patriots; please rest easy knowing that no matter how we get there, no matter how hard the fight, we will prevail. God is on our side. God is the grantor of "inalienable" rights. "first they will ignore you, then they will laugh at you, then they will fight you. Then you will win." - Gandhi
  7. Well it says "tell us your thoughts" so here goes; Enough is enough. We must now stand our ground. It's clear that they're using rhetoric to appease their base with statements like "any constitutional law that's passed will be expected to be followed".... Well that statement is false at its origin as the laws they're promoting are anything but "constitutional". Since when did restricting the right to have a militia become "constitutional"? Since when did it become "constitutional" to make it a felony to take your child hunting? Since when did it become "constitutional" to have to threaten LEO's to "uphold" laws that their oath is in strict contrast with? Truth is they've always wanted us disarmed. Now they're just not holding back their lies any longer. I don't care what the voters say they want. If they're asking for something unconstitutional they simply don't get it. I don't care if it comes down to only two or three Virginian's standing for 2A rights; they're still RIGHTS!! Rights cannot be voted away. If the leftist are set on making this a war, then that's what it'll come to. It's ironic that the first civil war ended in VA and the second one will likely start here too. God Bless all of our patriots for banding together! God be with you!
  8. Hello Liberty!


    Send me an email and let's get the ball rolling.  pop401k@yahoo.com

    1. Liberty or Death

      Liberty or Death

      Done.  Thank you.

    2. Liberty or Death

      Liberty or Death

      My emails to you are getting blocked and bounced back.  Have you received any of them?

    3. John Last

      John Last

      No...  try me at  pappy401k@gmail.com

  9. My fellow patriots, I'd like to cavate this message with two clarifications; I am not asking for money (or anything else), and this is not a call to arms, yet. These are proving to be tough times. We're all well aware of that. Although we're hopeful that the unconstitutional "laws" proposed will not be passed and further lead us down this path towards a conflict, it is looking more and more like a conflict may be inevitable. That said, I'm hearing lots of people say that they wish they knew how they could help, and go on to say that they're either too old to fight, have a family challenge like being a single parent, do not have the financial resources necessary, struggle with a physical ailment, or etc. This post is meant for these patriots who want to help but have specific and real challenges that may stand in their way. First, we're not in a conflict yet. There is much we can do from writing letters to law makers, calling law makers, joining groups such as VA Citizens Defense League (VCDL), Gun owners of America (GOA), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) or even the NRA. You can travel to Richmond on January 20th 2020 to lobby against these laws by showing support and standing against the initiatives of the VA general assembly. Assuming these efforts are futile and an armed conflict does arrive, I can assure you that your patriotic services are still absolutely necessary. The old adage "an army marches on its stomach" still holds true today. Should an armed conflict arise there will be a vitally important support network necessary for our patriots in harms way. These men and women will need beds to sleep in, food to eat, water to drink, supplies restocked and etc. Perhaps you have a room available with a bed a soldier could sleep in while gaining necessary rest. Perhaps another patriot has the financial means to stock this room with supplies but does not have a room to offer. Another person looking to help may be able to convey messages home or check on soldiers families to ensure their needs are being met. If nothing else being available to listen to someone under stress is invaluable. Someone who can lend and ear without asking too many questions would go a very long way. We all have something to offer in support of our constitution and sacred Bill of Rights. The questions isn't "if" you can help; it's "how" you can help. Below is a list of supplies/support services our patriots on the front lines will need should it come to that. I urge anyone to add to this list as it is not all encompassing. I'm writing this message on the fly and hope our community will pitch in with other ideas I've missed. No matter what level of skill you have in life, military service, law enforcement, survival and etc., we're all new to this type of situation and will need each other support and creativity should things escalate. Supplies/support; Clean drinking water Food/snacks (high calorie) Medical supplies Ammunition Clothing, including boots, hats, gloves Laundry service Armory services/maintenance/repair Transportation of people Transportation of supplies Sewing and garment repair services Warm beds Communications support (letters home, checking on family, updates on local news, etc). Reassurance and emotional support Obviously we're all hoping we'll never find ourselves in a position to need these types of patriotic services. But it is a very real possibility. The intent of this message is to get patriots who feel like they cannot help simply thinking creatively. God Bless you all. Please pray for peace, but also prepare to stand firm. God Bless the United States of America and the principals we stand for. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS - Liberty or Death
  10. Honored to serve and protect the US Constitution and our sacred Bill of Rights.
  11. Constitutionalist; you're correct. However, they've also introduced two new gun control bills into the general assembly which are scheduled for a vote (which republican's can't out vote). The short of it is; - "Assault weapons" ban - any firearm "capable of accepting" a magazine with more than ten rounds. I believe every gun out there has an after market mag holding more than ten rounds... - Illegal to train in "paramilitary activities" which is vague, subjective and open to interpretation. - Illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to discharge a firearm (so kids can no longer hunt). - Red flag laws. Tyranny.
  12. Some folks from the1st Battalion, Spotsylvania Militia facebook group are going up to Stafford tonight for the BOS meeting. Meeting is from 3-7pm. We plan to meet in the top left back corner of the parking area behind the courthouse between 3:30-4pm or so. I probably won't get up there until 5pm.


    We're also planning a first meeting at Colonial Tavern this week; exact day and time TBD....

    1. Liberty or Death

      Liberty or Death

      Thank you sir.  I'll be on the road and will try to meet you guys there.  I have your number.  I'll text you as we get closer to that time.


      Thanks again for including me! 

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