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  1. From angry protestors. We caught wind of the sites they were looking to target and we stood guard. Luckily the folks that came were looking for only soft targets. Now please answer my question; who is "they"?
  2. And by "they" do you mean you? Our guys have protected our local towns.
  3. Very sincere thank you for everything you've done for the 2A. Passing of the torch is natural and expected. Go enjoy your life and continue the fight from behind the scenes my friend! Best wishes and god bless you patriot!
  4. That's my experience also. We have guys come and then go. I've never really felt the need to be in a militia until recently. There weren't any in my area that I could find so we started one. Guys seem interested, want to text all the time from the couch, but then they don't show up to meetings or field training exercises. We boot folks out regularly. They can be on a reserve status if they like but I'm not doing live fire with someone who's not been found to be sound on the fundamentals. So, the trick seems to be finding people that are willing to commit. All else can be overcome (equipment, training, etc.).
  5. I'm guessing they hide their perversions behind some rule somewhere saying that it's ok to provide entertainment in order to draw in supporters (the goal being to bring in more revenue than you spend in support of your cause). In many cases, rules like this are productive in making events fun (think moon bounce for kids, or fruit tray, not tranny strippers). But of course perception is everything and how are the communities supposed to support this kind of trash making our laws and acting as stewards to our communities. Gross
  6. John Last is a true patriot;  1st Battalion Spotsylvania Militia sincerely appreciates your support John.


    Thank you and God Bless you sir!

  7. Couldn't agree more Matt. Thanks for making the trip. Means a lot to your fellow patriots to your east.
  8. I just read through all of this and had a sad epiphany. Maybe I'm late to the party here....? But seriously there's no more talking to people on this level of stupid. I'm losing interest in caring what these people think at all. They want us disarmed by any means necessary, even if they have clear evidence that it may not be a good idea..... Soap box Ballot box Jury box (where we are now....) Ammo box
  9. Keep in mind when you see radical stuff there is some fear mongering taking place by folks who are looking to make a buck. However, If for whatever reason, blue helmets land in VA to support unconstitutional gun confiscation the war will break out swiftly. No one wearing that pretty blue helmet or anyone standing behind them will be safe, especially the Dems who brought this on. Patriots please; if you're not connected with other patriots near you please get connected now. This is the time for less talk and more action. If you're in VA you're welcome to attend the 1st Battalion Spotsylvania Militia meeting this Saturday in Fredericksburg VA. Message me if you need details. God Bless and God Speed!
  10. There is still a gun behind every blade of grass in this great nation. Don't worry patriots; please rest easy knowing that no matter how we get there, no matter how hard the fight, we will prevail. God is on our side. God is the grantor of "inalienable" rights. "first they will ignore you, then they will laugh at you, then they will fight you. Then you will win." - Gandhi
  11. Well it says "tell us your thoughts" so here goes; Enough is enough. We must now stand our ground. It's clear that they're using rhetoric to appease their base with statements like "any constitutional law that's passed will be expected to be followed".... Well that statement is false at its origin as the laws they're promoting are anything but "constitutional". Since when did restricting the right to have a militia become "constitutional"? Since when did it become "constitutional" to make it a felony to take your child hunting? Since when did it become "constitutional" to have to threaten LEO's to "uphold" laws that their oath is in strict contrast with? Truth is they've always wanted us disarmed. Now they're just not holding back their lies any longer. I don't care what the voters say they want. If they're asking for something unconstitutional they simply don't get it. I don't care if it comes down to only two or three Virginian's standing for 2A rights; they're still RIGHTS!! Rights cannot be voted away. If the leftist are set on making this a war, then that's what it'll come to. It's ironic that the first civil war ended in VA and the second one will likely start here too. God Bless all of our patriots for banding together! God be with you!
  12. I will be there along with many of my colleagues.
  13. Hello Liberty!


    Send me an email and let's get the ball rolling.  [email protected]

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      Liberty or Death

      Done.  Thank you.

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      My emails to you are getting blocked and bounced back.  Have you received any of them?

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