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  1. Hello Sir. Welcome to the Three04!

    If you'll tell me what county you live in, I'll get you directed to what we have readily available in your area.

    Have a great day,
    Matt Thompson
    Three04 Oversight

  2. Understood. Me personally, I cannot properly navigate this site from a cell phone. I just can't get the hang of it. There is such a vast amount of information here, it really takes viewing from a laptop to begin to see it all unless you are already adept with this website going in. This website as a whole is geared up to aid on a national scale. That will put any county of any state kind of deep into the content. We try to welcome every new member and give them the links that will lead them to their location to look around, but it doesn't seem to be within the grasp of everyone. What I've found most productive to date is a facebook page specifically for your county and state. Between facebook and this website, I see about 50/50 in terms of making people aware we are here. "One thing I do as the founder in my county and as Oversight for the Three04, when I have the time I go through the "new member rolls". I did this when I had the time. I haven't had that kind of time here of late. But I pull them up individually and the ones where I can determine where they are, if they are in WEst Virginia at all, I either send them an invite to the Three04 or if they are in my county, I send them an info to my active unit here. That makes them aware... but it would be time-consuming for you. It puts the chore on one man. But I've asked myself. What choice do I have? I have a facebook page for my local unit. It's an ongoing work in progress. You can see it here. Maybe we could work on one for you in your area. My vision is the have the community as a whole involved in every aspect of self-sustenance. Your particular vision is probably much different.
  3. Well that's outstanding. Much of what you've said here is what got me motivated enough to get involved myself... being fed up and wanting to do more than talk because when push comes to shove, well. There's a time and place for everything. I'm afraid we have not developed any sort of standard when it comes to fliers. People are using many different ones of their own design. All over the country we are helping to organize community militias county by county, state by state. Wach county has their own (or will). Each leader or core group for that county have their own vision of what they would like their unit to be. So you'll have a very wide array of diversity among us as a whole, but more specialized most times in county units. There should be a flier though that could include some major points that we all agree upon made easy enough. Someone needs to step up with their name and phone number and pass it to a few members that could reach you to talk about an upcoming meeting. Communications through telephone right now is best to get that one-on-one everyone has to have to function correctly... Just enough to get your meeting time and place down. You say you have little experience in leading but if no one else will... Outstanding. Great men are only men with greatness thrust upon them. Being willing to be responsible says much about any man. I would suggest you "start" this group (if someone hasn't already), and that you do your best to form a unit until a suitable fellow, or group of men as an inner circle, come along that can do the job or help you do the jon. You'll recognize them when you see them. For now, just try to gather the men and meet somewhere... anywhere... and talk. Thank you for your efforts, each and every one of you that are thinking of creating Taylor County's Militia. Matt Thompson WV Three04 Oversight
  4. What general area do you live in, Sir? It will helpo us direct you to the proper people. Thank you very much, Matt Thompson
  5. Hello Sir. I was in the process of pointing you into the correct county in WV to look for a unit near you, but the map info you have says you live in or near Columbus, Ohio.

    If that is the case a county or community militis in Ohio would be better suited for you than anywhere in West Virginia. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

    Thank you for your time and passion, Sir.

    Matt Thompson
    WV Three 04 Oversight

  6. Please check the thread in the Three04 for Kanawha county.


  7. Welcome @ Michael Monk from Charleston! There are enough members in Kanawha county now to form the 1st Team in a new unit there! Please introduce yourself and private message other members in this particular thread about the possibilities of forming the 1st team in Kanawha! Thanks for your time and passions!
  8. I think I sent you an invite to the Three04, and within that group is a thread for Kanawha county.


  9. Understood. I think it's possible to get Monroe's 1st Unit together there now. I'm writing members and exploring the possibilities... Notice: @ Josh cozort
  10. Berkeley and Jefferson county is NOW being called to gather and form the 1st Teams! "Hello fellow Patriots we have enough people to get up and running in Berkeley and Jefferson county let's get together and get a unit up and running contact me here or at [email protected]" ~ @ Robert Petersen sr. Give Mr. Petersen a call! Join TODAY!
  11. @ Hamphire Co. Patriot group Hey Mike? How's it going? Question: Is the name of your county "Hampshire" or "Hamhpire"? I believe you might be missing an "s" in your account name. That might cause people looking for your county not to see it. I just noticed it!
  12. From @ Robert Petersen sr. : "Hello fellow Patriots we have enough people to get up and running in Berkeley and Jefferson county let's get together and get a unit up and running contact me here or at [email protected] " BROTHERS! We can lead you to the water, but it's up to you to drink. Mr. Peterson is will to put Berkeley and Jefferson on the map with their first teams of Community Militia. This is quite URGENT. If you have an interest and are of like mind as we in the Constitutional Militia, WE NEED YOU. Please contact Mr. Petersen immediately to form your first teams. It's literally painless to begin a 3-man team... One day at a time. I would wish you luck? But I don't believe luck to be anything but something we use to explain that which we don't understand. I do hope you prosper in all you do in learning, prepping and training. God forbid our service ever be needed, but if it ever is, God bless us all. Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen!
  13. Mr. @ Robert Petersen sr. ? Have you received any responses to your call to gather?
  14. I sent you an invite to the WV Three 04, Sir. Please accept the invitation and look for the thread within titled "Logan County Roll Call" and introduce yourself. THANK you!
  15. I sent an invite to you to the MC1st, Brother. I am also checking with a couple of other members that have been a part of our unit, about the three of you starting the 1st Team in Monroe County!
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