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  1. Our first meeting is shaping up to be a real dozy.  I hope everybody brings paper and pens, lol.

    1. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      I'll make sure and make a note of that for everyone. This is awesome news.

      Are you getting notifications of posts made within the group on this website? Just wondering because if you are, then everyone is. I made a post about our first meeting there.

    2. Radiouser


      yes,  I have been busy trying to make a list of things we have to discuss,  will try to be brief  but ………..


    3. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      Thank you, pal. We have plenty of time for that. Initially speaking, this can be overwhelming if we're not careful. But it is a GREAT problem to have. I'm going to try to have some general applications for everyone to fill out at our first meeting, which will be primarily just for all of us to meet each other, get the apps filled out, discuss our personal desires and things we are interested in seeing develop...

      Then I can take the apps and figure out everything... or at least who will head up the different departments we'll have within the unit such as communications and so forth. You sound like a shoe in for that position to me and I'm VERY glad to have you, Sir.

      But yes please, make the list you were talking about and if we have the time after getting to meet everyone, we'll surely discuss whatever you have... I would suggest the same for every member. But having no idea how many will be there is just unpredictable is all. But I feel sure we will have a very productive meeting to everyone's liking. That is my hope and intent anyway.

      Thank you for everything you've already did, Sir... You have many gifts for which I am grateful...

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