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  1. Is there a group near central wv


    1. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      Hello Sir,

      I'm the current Commander of Three04Militia. WE here at MyMilitia.com have just launched a new program designed to foster participation with an easier way to organize individual units of community militias all over West Virginia. Currently I am unaware of anyone close to you. But please just hang close and ready. This idea seems to be catching like wildfire... It is our hopes that soon we will be populated with enough like-minded individuals like yourself that it will be possible for anyone interested to connect with someone close enough to make it possible. You have already added your location to our map here at MyMilitia which helps to populate the map for analysis. 

      Please join our unit page here, start a thread introducing yourself, where you live, and your experience in the workplace and/or the military, as long as you are not currently serving in the Armed Services.

      We are glad to have you Sir. Thank you for your interest. Please hang in there and we'll get this off the ground together. THANK YOU!

      Matt Thompson

    2. Robert Petersen sr.

      Robert Petersen sr.

      Robert Petersen here looking to join the 304 retired army combat vet. Resides in eastern panhandle

    3. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      Thanks for joining the Three04! 

      I sure would like to have you in the bottom of the state, Sir. You're just what we need.

      But please hang in there as we continue to develop and organize. Hopefully we'll find like minded individuals close to you soon.

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