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  1. MATT, I think it is going to HAVE to happen to a bunch of sleeping , fence straddling patriots before they are going to wake up and see that ALL OF THE JUNK THEY ARE DOING TO VIRGINIA, is just a test, of the blue print that is destined to happen to every single gun owner in the United States, and I am not talking about the so called big ugly, scary black gun, called the AR-15 and the AK-47 and large capacity pistols! They now have every semi auto rifle and handgun of all calibers and shotguns on their list of bans! It is going to come a time when anything that shoots a bullet out of a firearm from a casing is going to be banned! We will be lucky if flint lock muzzleloaders will not sooner or later end up on the ban list! I have had people on this very site say that confiscation will never happen! PEOPLE WAAKE UP! Virginia is primed and ready to do just that! As General Armistead said during Pickett's charge at the battle of Gettysburg," LET'S GIVE THEM THE COLD STEEL "! This General was fighting for VIRGINIA, The old dominion state! IT IS TIME FOR ALL OF US TO WAKE UP, STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND CHARGE! IT IS TIME FOR US DEPLORABLES TO GIVE THEM THE COLD STEEL AND HOT LEAD! 

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