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    1. Doug1943


      The FBI has a long history of both over-reacting, and under-reacting, to what they, or their political masters, see as a threat.  I don't really blame them. 20-20 hindsight is easy.

      So, in the 60s, J Edgar Hoover was paranoid about the Civil Rights movement, and then later about the New Left. He kept the FBI looking for foreign interference. (Sound familiar?)  There WERE Communists involved in both, but just as domestic leftwingers, not as Soviet intelligence agents.  And the FBI missed penetrating the real domestic terrorist threat, the Weathermen -- although they had a number of agents in the last SDS convention, where Weatherman was born, they only had one agent in the group, and they surfaced him for public relations purposes immediately after the Townhouse explosion.


      They missed out infiltrating the neo-Nazi 'Silent Brotherhood' group ('the Order'), allowing that organization to conduct murders and bank robberies until they were finally caught by routine police work  (the leader dropped his handgun while robbing an armored car and so was traced back via it -- always have a lanyard!), then they over-reacted (with the BATF), and the Randy Weaver and WACO tragedies were the result.


      They missed the 9/11 conspirators, and apparently are getting right up to being near to crossing the line of 'entrapment' in going after post-9/11 Muslim militants.  (I'm not complaining.)


      On Trump, I think they were absolutely right to pay attention to the possible Russian connection, but ... the hatred of Trump on the part of the Washington Establishment -- both Left and Right -- meant they kept pushing when they should have just kept an eye on the Trump entourage.  (A lot of people have equated Russian bot-wars on Facebook, which undoubtedly happened and will happen, with their recruiting actual agents high up in the Trump campaign. That didn't happen, or if it did, no one has been able to prove it.)  Plus, not only was Trump hated for his general 'populism', and upsetting the applecart of politics-as-usual, he was specifically hated for his not buying into 'the Russian Threat' program. All the hysteria around the Russians has kept him from going to far in what could have been a promising direction, in my opinion.)


      BUT ... let's be realistic. We've got to have something like the FBI, and they will never be perfect.  Traditionally, it's been the Left who have hated the FBI (and CIA).  Let's not take their place!

    2. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      I harbor no ill feelings toward the FBI.

      But Loretta Lynch? James Comey? Clapper? Andrew McCabe? Rosenstein? Hillary Clinton? Obama? John Brennan? Perter Strzok? Lisa Page? Hundreds more? Justice demands prison for every one of of them. What they did was perpetrate a coup against this President, which means against the United States of America. 


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