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  1. Concerning Mercer County West Virginia:

    What people don't realize is, there's a better than 50/50 chance that the Corona Virus has already went through Mercer County about 2 months ago. Think about it. Remember that last "flu" we had that had a fever and a terrible cough and it left NO ONE out? EVERYONE got it. There was no testing and the news of it was just escaping Wuhan, China, which meant it had been on the scene for a very long time before anyone outside of China heard about it on a national bullhorn.


    You can bet your buttons that none of the so called doctors and physician assistants IN THIS COUNTY tested for the Wuhan Virus... They either hadn't heard of Wuhan or they weren't being directed to test for it by the medical regulatory high command. There aren't really any general practice doctors anymore that determine things for themselves. They are government message-boys. They take note of the symptoms and the government tells them what treatment to administer. It's all regulated and triggered by "key word" science. They prescribed everyone over the counter meds for fever and cough medicine. And? We lived (although I did have someone checking on me at one time because I was starting to wonder, lol).


    People are scared to death over a virus that isn't as fatal as the common flu, and more than likely we've already all had it...


    And NOW we go on national lockdown with everyone hiding in their living rooms and stockpiling TOILET paper because CNN started a campaign of fear to paint this as President Trump's medical Katrina, lol. National activist media will do anything to hurt this President, and they don't give a hoot in the holler how many of US get hurt in the process... all because that's what they are being PAID to do.


    If you pay your cable bill? You pay CNN and the rest of the national activist fake media to lie and create fear, panic and hysteria anywhere they can. Oh I know how unpopular that makes me. But tell me it's not the truth. 1f609.png?_nc_eui2=AeH1mzMlh-c_57DLMBdLF


    Screenshot 2020-03-15 at 5.14.55 PM.png

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