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  2. @ soundtree Tickets issued to Church-goers are dropped! http://brandonbowser.blog/2020/04/10/praise-god-tickets-issued-to-greenville-church-goers-are-dropped/?fbclid=IwAR0Uz8ecAAwRLpUNGVRS9D5MgUFplVGTCj832usi0G6-g7voZo7hwwSxU0o
  3. Non-essential businesses are closed in Travis and Williamson Counties. I live in Georgetown but work in Austin, my company does research and development, much of our funding is from the DOD and NASA, so our business is considered "essential" and remains open. Sadly, many businesses are restricted or closed which is really hurting people in the greater Austin area. I do realize it is important to keep away from mass gatherings at this time to help stop the spread of the virus but I am hoping this is over quickly so we can jumpstart the economy and try to get back to some semblance of normalcy.
  4. Awesome, thank you!
  5. Is there a larger jpeg photo of the Five12 logo? Also, are there plans on turning this into a patch?
  6. I am in Georgetown, just north of Austin. I filled out the online application with the TSM just this morning. I am flying to Tennessee in the morning for Christmas but will be back the first of the year.

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