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  1. John:


    Just wanted to thank you on behalf of the broader group for your continued support.


    It's been a great to help to us, and please know we're doing all we can to hold back tyranny...


    Thank you again sir!



    1. John Last

      John Last



      It's my pleasure to assist all American Patriots, especially A Company... only wish i could do more and be there with all of you.  Rest assured as long as there's breath in this body, I'll stand with you; in principle if not in person.


      Thank you and all the men of A Co. for your time and effort on behalf of the Constitution.  God bless our Republic!


      John C.

  2. Some folks from the1st Battalion, Spotsylvania Militia facebook group are going up to Stafford tonight for the BOS meeting. Meeting is from 3-7pm. We plan to meet in the top left back corner of the parking area behind the courthouse between 3:30-4pm or so. I probably won't get up there until 5pm.


    We're also planning a first meeting at Colonial Tavern this week; exact day and time TBD....

    1. Liberty or Death

      Liberty or Death

      Thank you sir.  I'll be on the road and will try to meet you guys there.  I have your number.  I'll text you as we get closer to that time.


      Thanks again for including me! 

  3. There's a Spotsylvania County militia group forming on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/497858984157554/


    In case you haven't already joined...

    1. Intmid8R


      Spotsylvania 1st Battalion ?

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