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  1. 1st Georgia Marines S2 24MAR2020 1845HR A video was shared via Facebook of a train carrying various military vehicles including what appear to be command vehicles, troop carriers, HMMWVs, and tanks. This video was reportedly filmed 20MAR in Waycross, GA at approx 0845. By the position of the sun we believe it was heading south/east. Brunswick, GA is at the end of one line and the other takes it into Florida. It is unknown at this time what unit it may be, however if it is GANG then it would probably be the 108th Cav. A recon of Glynn County did not find any elevated posturing by the local, state or federal authorities.
  2. https://gsmpao.weebly(DOT)com are primarily a Prepper Organization, join us.    Copy/Cut & paste link


  3. Looking for upstanding citizens who wish to assist Georgia communities along the coast. Interested parties can reach us through our secure email [email protected] or through our Facebook group facebook.com/groups/2531502350291072/. We are based out of Glynn County.
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