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  1. When the SHTF I don’t think anyone will care about being allowed to cross state lines. True patriots will stick together and do what is necessary to get the job done. Look at the response when the bureau of land management started there crap with that rancher out west a few years ago. People came from all over to stand by his side. Stick together hold the course and we will prevail.
  2. I agree with you that they are all a part of the same organization working in conjunction with each other. However, I think the political leaders are giving their approval through their actions as well as inaction. The kneeling in solidarity, the establishment of autonomous zones and the sanctioning of removing historical statues and renaming buildings which these organizations deem offensive certainly shows the support that they have of these politicians through action.
  3. We do have domestic enemies, living in our cities, towns and villages throughout our country. They are hiding in plain sight waiting to strike. The protests and riots were a test to see what type of police response they can expect. What they are not factoring in are the thousands of patriots who are waiting in the shadows to step up when this jumps off. This is the civil war that the Democratic Party has been pushing towards, I think that they will be sorry when it’s over.
  4. Spoke with the Ass’t Chief at my old PD in NY. They are expecting some large protests ,but no reliable intel on any violence. That being said they are preparing for for the worst based on previous “peaceful protest”
  5. I don’t disagree,for several months people have been shot, wounded, killed and businesses destroyed. But for many of these animals that is business as usual. Just look at any major democratic run city, Chicago is a prime example. What they are doing now is getting more people and more major corporations to bow to there demands and donating to there cause. The noose hoax, which has now been proven, has given them another platform to push there agenda. Now people are starting to wake up to what is actually happening and that was the proverbial shot I was referring too.
  6. It looks to me that people are running scared and doing anything they can to try to please the BLM and Antifa crowds. Just look at the big NASCAR noose hoax. One mixed race driver claiming to be African American had everyone kissing his ass and falling in line so not to offend him. They are trying to erase history and now starting to attack your religious beliefs. They have fired the proverbial first shot, how we respond will determine the course our future takes. The time to push back has arrived. BLM and ANTIFA coming to a town near you be ready!
  7. Watching everything that’s been going on today, starting to get a very uneasy feeling. We need to stay sharp. Don’t let your guard down, stay the course and we will prevail!
  8. There is no simple answer to that question. We must first educate people as to what their rights and duties are under the constitution. We need to expose just how damaging the democratic socialist agenda will be to life as we currently know it. We need to stand together and speak with one voice and let the politicians and the radical left in this country know that we will not stand for this destruction of our country that they want. If we fail and they turn a deaf ear to our voice and continue with the violent destruction going on throughout our country they will force us to resist with an equal or greater amount of violence. The latter is my biggest fear.
  9. Many years ago I took an oath to protect our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. I never thought that I would live to see the day when we have more to fear from domestic terrorism than that of our foreign enemies. If we do not take a stand and stop the destruction of our country from within we will have a war like no one could imagine. I pray to God that I’m wrong, but fear that I’m right.
  10. On this sacred day let us not forget our brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate price so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have. It is our job to make sure that their deaths were not in vain. Remember to stay the course and we shall prevail.
  11. Just checking in, hope all are safe and doing well. Stay the course and we will prevail.
  12. Jacklegg, glad to see you’re out there and have our six. Stay the course brother we will prevail
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