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  1. For small easily concealable I carry a Hungarian PA 63 in 9mm Makerov. If I want/need to carry something larger it is a Browning Hi-Power. One give me 8 rds and the other 15. I rarely carry an extra mag unless I know I will probably need it. In that case I am very likely to be carrying an M1A1 Thompson! IF I can not solve the problem with 3 or 4 shots then the rest of the mag is used to break contakt and get the hell out of there! Sarge
  2. Well, what do we have here??? I tried 3 different states and got the same thing on all 3 - Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 Just how the hell does anyone inquire about or become a part of something that "Does Not Exist???" Sarge
  3. What a waste of time, misled by the title! From looking at the topic headers is sure seems that this should be renamed the Joke section! Sarge
  4. Well if the only contakt for you is stupid "facebuk" I guess that leaves me out. I refuse to have anything to do with the Very ANTI-GUN facebuk!!! To me about everything that is even close to being "Anti Gun" is also Very Much Anti-American!!! Sarge
  5. Pretty country and lots of water to ski, boat ride & dive in. Even good fishing - best done with scuba gear. Haven't been down there for many years. Used to have family friends with a resort close to Bagnell Dam. Sarge
  6. Sure seems like a reasonable question to me! Sarge
  7. I carried a CAR 15 (what we called it) that you call the XM 177E2, while with the B55 Mike Force. I sent home all the parts of my CAR 15 except the lower receiver which I gave back to the weapons shop. When I got home and finally well enuf to get out of the hospital and wander around I found a very early AR 15 at a gun shop and bought it. I registered it as a short barreled rifle and then put my CAR 15 parts on it. I also still have the original upper and butt stock put away. Sarge
  8. Sent him an email, will see what happens. He is a neighbor, only about 85 mi north of me. Sarge
  9. Sounds like it might be interesting, but the link doesn't go anywhere except to talk about his qualifications. No place to actually look at the site and see what it is all about, well except maby a couple of the stupid sites like linkidin (?) which I refuse to have anything to do with! Sarge .
  10. Who cares, I probably have 3K stored since I also feed an MG 42 ocasionaly. I also have 2 or 3 boxes of commercial hunting ammo and over 100 rds of soft point hand loads.
  11. Well my primary is a Ford pick up/a topper, V6/5 speed. Makes a good camper for 2. For back up I have an M 170 (CJ6) Front line ambulance which can sleep 2 and an M38A1 jeep. Then just for the hell of it I have a couple of motorcycle/side car combis and a trailer to haul one of them behind any of the above. I could actually tow a jeep behind the PU and a trailered combi behind that if needed. I've also got 7 or 8 GI 5 gallon gas cans if needed. Sarge
  12. My first year deer hunting was with a 92 Winchester in 32/20. The 2nd year was with a 94 Winchester 30/30. The 3 rd year was with a Mod 98 Mauser 8mm. I have never hunted with anything else since, that was 63 yrs ago, I can kill anything in North America with the 8mm so why get another caliber? Sarge
  13. I saw a rifle mentioned above that I forgot about for some reason??? The FN/FAL. Unlike most who have one, mine has a run fast switch on it. It is probably one of the most accurate rifles in FA that anyone will ever shoot!!! I can consistantly put a 5 rd burst in the chest of a sillouete at 200 meters. I normally only shoot 3 rd bursts though because it has the best trigger of any FA that I've ever shot! Sarge
  14. You do not show what would be my choice, which is an XM177E2, better known as a CAR 15. I have No interest in any of the modern day choices you give! But it really doesn't matter since I already have a CAR 15, an MP 43, a Thompson, a Bren and an MG 42. Oh, and YES they are All functioning firearms! Sarge
  15. More like just plain Hilarious (sp?)! But do I see some duplication, or nearly so? Sarge
  16. For those who will Not leave Komifornika, Just Maby it's time - for another revolution - to take back the state! Sarge
  17. Well, the title to this is about as misleading as it can get!!! I just spent several minutes scanning thru this and found that I had Totally wasted my time!!! I see NO correlation to the title and the subjekt of this what so ever!!! While i believe in religion/God I do Not think it is the end all to everything. Maby (?) if I did this would have made some sort of sense to me??? Sarge
  18. Well as long as they are not smart enuf to find another source for commo I guess I will NOT have anything to do with them!!! Sarge
  19. More facebuk Krap! Isn't there any other form of commo except thru a link that is ANTI-GUN??? Sarge
  20. Since there has been NO reply to my questions above - by anyone in 7 months - I must presume that this is a dead link. To bad!!! Sarge
  21. to bad this is facebuk Krap!!! I do not, and never will, have anything to do with ANTI GUN facebuk!!! Sarge
  22. Not sure exactly what this is, but seems worth looking into! Sarge
  23. I had a basik familiarization with the 81, but that was it. Never had anything to do with the 4 deuce. I'm just as happy! If I can't carry it I don't want anything to do with it. Sarge
  24. Greetings from Colorado. Back many moons ago I was in the Kansas Army NG - 69th Inf Bde. Joined just to go on active duty with them in 68. Sarge

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