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  1. ? lol Goddamn context nazi!? No disrespect taken.
  2. I know. It states that right in the Constitution. The context is still: he can pardon anyone he wants within that context at the federal level. The state governor has the power of pardon at the state level. It's the separation of power.
  3. If Trump felt like it he could do the following and be completely operating within his Constitutional authority: 1. Pardon anyone he wants to pardon. 2. Fire every person in every department & agency within the Executive bureaucracy. 3. Arrest anyone for any reason (by the USA Patriot Act, the Anti Terrorist & Effective Death Penalty act, and various executive orders by both Bushes, clinton & obama). Trump has all the power and he IS NOT using it. Because the deepstate had everything setup for their puppet Hillary to use those powers to kill us Patriots. That's why the deepstate is batshit crazy trying to frame Trump as a tyrant.... because the entire apparatus of government is his too use against them and he isn't because he is not a tyrant and is trying to undo all the things the deepstate did to fuck this country up! Anyone who is anti Trump or doesn't support him completely is a fool!
  4. Has any one read the Constitution? Article. II. Section. 1. The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, ... Do you see that? It states the "executive power" is vested (i.e. held) by the President. Executive power encompasses ALL power and authority to enforce the laws that are passed by Congress. Thus, he IS the Chief Law Enforcement officer! Case closed.
  5. Hi, I was in the army in a signal battalion. After I got ETS'd I didn't do much. Then I joined a militia in california before Y2K. Eventually I became the S2 (intel officer) & eventually the members voted me to CO (capt.) I had the distinction of making the HDMSC (High Desert Militia of Southern california) the second most active militia in the nation at that time (2005 to 2007) & the SPLC had us on their list as the number 2 most hated militia behind the Michigan militia. At our zenith we had about 120 people on the roll of which about 12 to 20 would show up for training every month. We disbanded in 2007 because of attempted infiltration by feds on a nearly weekly basis. We had a stringent vetting/interview protocol (which I developed) & it was very easy to identify the infiltrators. But it got to be too much. Everyone had their phones tapped, white vans outside their homes & being followed. So we had a meeting & disbanded. Now.... everything I warned about in my intelligence briefings has occurred. We are at that point just before it becomes obvious to everyone that it is better to fight & die then live as a slave. We have a slim chance for victory. Very slim. It is possible. But it requires hearts, nerves, & minds of warriors willing to make sure the enemy dies & our compatriots live.
  6. Howdy, Ok. I'm special. I'm physically in the 702 area but my mobile phone is from the democratic socialists republik commune of kalifornia... so it's a 310 area code. I'm not going back to commie-land. So I guess I'm in the 702nd unit.
  7. Have I told you how much I hate demoncrats, socialists @ libtards?


  8. Howdy, I'm former army signal corp. Expert marksman with AR & 1911... at least I used to be. I'm old now and can't run around like I used too. Former CO & S2 for the HDMSC (High Desert Militia of So Cal). When the shit hits the fan (probably in a few weeks or months depending upon when the demoncrats deploy their minions) I plan on killing as many ANTIFA, commie, socialists, muslim fuckheads as possible; & looking for old prior military like myself to hole up with while we replenish the tree of liberty. I'm living in vegas (what a shithole this place is)... it's not as bad as CA yet.
  9. BTW, I'm paranoid so we'll need to go through layers of vetting before any meetings take place. I was the CO of the HDMSC {High Desert Militia of Southern California} for several years. I have experience creating training regimens, practical drill & training but I'm old now. Can't run around like I used too.
  10. Hi, We all know there is a war coming. The libtards will push it and keep attacking Trump supporters. I personally have been surrounded by 4 blacks while wearing my Trump t-shirt at Walmart, they started saying "fuck Trump" & "fuck you" and closing in on me...the only reason they didn't attack is because I began to draw down on them and they ran away. The war is coming and we need to prepare. I'm former military and have CCW. I'm old so I can't run around but I got a good trigger finger and it's itching to kill commies when this cold-deepstate-civil-war goes kinetic. NodeZero
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