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  1. RT @drawandstrike: 🚨🚨🚨CONFIRMED🚨🚨🚨

    IT IS **CONFIRMED** armed protesters shot this little girl to death.

    They had put barriers back up t…

  2. RT @charlienicole: PSA: If your America loving teen wants to go on a youth trip to DC TODAY to visit the @WhiteHouse-this will happen to th…

  3. @El_Saviento @JonahofNinevah Yes, actually it is the only Sunday Latin Mass in the Syracuse diocese. There used to… https://t.co/fspwXB3phO

  4. @El_Saviento @JonahofNinevah My heart is breaking

  5. RT @El_Saviento: https://t.co/TrrbAoczqg

  6. @Inevitable_ET @KarluskaP
    This is huge and scary given that the pope owns the UN and China https://t.co/pvOcO3wgg1

  7. RT @NovusOrdoWatch: “The Italian Bishops’ Conference has declared support for a bill that would make belonging to any organization that opp…

  8. @NovusOrdoWatch @JonahofNinevah 😳

  9. Hooked on Catholicism works for me

  10. RT @bennyjohnson: Want to join an exciting Revolution where we end slavery, treat every race as equal, topple corrupt institutions, fight f…

  11. RT @ScottF59: @rn_gal @SkilledServ Nor do they realize that they, like in Soviet Russia, will be the first to be stripped and shot.

  12. RT @igneiudicium: In 1793, a bloodthirsty mob tied ropes around statues of the kings of Judea in front of Notre Dame in Paris, thinking the…

  13. RT @drdavidsamadi: Let’s be clear.

    The media lied to us about Hydroxychloroquine simply because the President believed in it.

    Had the med…

  14. @Inevitable_ET @KarluskaP https://t.co/xEuvG7eT8Z

  15. RT @no_silenced: JUST IN: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that a $1.5 trillion green infrastructure bill set to get a vote in…

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