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  1. RT @ToupsFamily: The Path to Success: Communicating the Culture


    https://t.co/4ZcFRsOycK via RmrCorp

  2. RT @calix517: Enjoying some fresh pappardelle campagnola like the good Lord intended https://t.co/EyYUfKUYdu

  3. RT @jenniferatntd: There was a date error in the last video, so I retweet this corrected one.
    Shouts from #Wuhan, and how they evolve...Aft…

  4. https://t.co/EDiZHvYuLd

  5. We will draw lines in the sand second to this virus. Boarders are closing around the world. Did you buy your rice… https://t.co/2EAWloWvUx

  6. @jenniferatntd I truly think there is a lot more going than Wuhan Virus.

  7. @gratmccall @jenniferatntd Actually I think they know they are not at risk. Their government told them so.

  8. @jenniferatntd People are fighting back...?....

  9. RT @jenniferatntd: Do you know what weapon they use against this poor man?
    Click here for more 更多视频: https://t.co/fSwmxEsP…

  10. RT @jenniferatntd: OK, in Michigan...美国密西根325人被监测,都是过去两周去过中国,或要有 #武汉肺炎 的游轮上呆过的。
    325 People in Michigan Being Monitored Over Coronavirus: He…

  11. RT @jenniferatntd: 50-60 K people in hospitals in #Wuhan, out of 18 cremators at a crematorium, 3 were burned out due to overuse. Other 15…

  12. RT @ebruenig: I've almost tweeted 30 times tonight and I've overcome the urge each time. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my…

  13. @ebruenig @am_parra And the 31st time you caved.

  14. @JonahofNinevah I am often boggled that people have to be told right from wrong.

  15. RT @RobertG30076252: @GlennJacobsTN Spot on ! https://t.co/iAPoW4KaH3

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