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  1. @Ken47188750 @annepaezNOLA @Geskalima @reginamrc6 Réquiem in caelo, beautiful saint

  2. RT @apnovoa: joe biden: "i'm a practicing catholic"

    cardinal arinze: https://t.co/D2jKulDCbg

  3. @Michael_Ara You gonna be playing them a loooong time

  4. (315) 346-9993
    Croghan, NY

  5. @TheCrushedBones I don’t care if they’re made of chocolate. NO SHOTS!!

  6. RT @TheCrushedBones: Total, abject betrayal of Christ and His holy people.

  7. @laberry15184440 Not all drugs are evil. I couldn’t count the number of lives saved with properly used medications… https://t.co/PpffEBwzqi

  8. @laberry15184440 @katste41 Suggest she ask about Cymbalta. I’ve had great success with it and I know others who take it. Good stuff

  9. @ServizioVatican I keep hearing this but in Syracuse diocese we are growing and people here are excited that we are growing the TLM😍

  10. RT @ServizioVatican: In places where bishops have acquiesced in the prolonged closure of churches it is estimated 50% to 70% of the faithfu…

  11. @ProtecttheFaith Scary

  12. RT @__Credo_: @catholicgoat

  13. RT @__Credo_: @catholicgoat

  14. RT @newworlddd555: - for you two minutes , for him a life .....

    Turkey / Antalya 🙏 https://t.co/irTvraHX8g

  15. @Beer_Parade @VAL99705167 @MajorPatriot Well you just gained a new one

  16. @heydropthepuck @Beer_Parade Yeah and we get the lake effect

  17. RT @threadreaderapp: @Lovely_Infidel Hello, please find the unroll here: @Beer_Parade: POTUS, Q & Glaciers How were the 5 Great Lakes forme…

  18. RT @Beer_Parade: 12]

    DJT is sitting pretty and also enjoying the show. If we were playing poker, he’d be looking at his cards: A, A, A, A,…

  19. RT @ChristianWalk1r: Joe Biden’s comfort with “ African Americans “ votes is insulting. I’m black and I won’t be casting my vote for Jim Cr…

  20. @vocnorth @Rsherlock @IntelCrab And in all that time nobody considered the bomb?

  21. RT @Rsherlock: Haunting to read this now: A 2014 clipping on the ship at #Beirut port abandoned by owner. Beirut authorities wont release c…

  22. @TheChoirLoft @TheNorseEmpress Crabs are literally sea ticks

  23. RT @__Credo_: @catholicgoat

  24. RT @BillFOXLA: BREAKING: L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announces he is authorizing the city to shut off water and power to any houses or busines…

  25. @JonahofNinevah https://t.co/8THQfJoTcJ

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