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  1. Hey bud, I am in North eastern ny, about 20 min from mass
  2. Your correct about these (raids) at odd hours...I mean imagine being half asleep, with your family in the home...hearing someone smashing your front door in. The first thing I would be doing is grabbing my personal protection equipment (.223) and or 12guage. If these guys would come during daylight hours, knock on the door and do this civilized with conversation, I doubt very many of these types of incidents would result in anyone discharging a fire arm. God bless this young man and his family. And God bless America and our right to live!
  3. Thank you for your opinion, she certainly has quite a theory. Any way what I generally do with stuff like this is just file it away and keep my eyes open until I start seeing things happening in real time that look familiar. After 9/11 I dont trust our so called leaders at all. My objective is to acquire as much info as possible ascertain truth/fiction so I am armed with a educated approach to protecting my family. God bless and nice speaking with you! Danny
  4. Ok, great Dewayne! Thanks for responding and be safe out there !
  5. Dang, sorry about that. This was heavy, and I didn't think it would last long. Basically video showed proof of how this epidemic is a military weapon,released on the citizens of the world. The NWO is making moves and we need to keep helping others to be ready and aware of the truth.
  6. My sons live in 845 area code in Montgomery ny. And I live in Dutchess county. We (3 of us) want to participate in helping this grow. I currently am a member in the 518 area code as I am in northern Dutchess county. Please join as we are really trying hard to get these areas off the ground, we may possibly join the 845 and 518 until membership gets flowing and then we can divide, but still would be good for members from area codes in close proximity to get together and share ideas. Keep prepared and welcome!
  7. Got to keep the biblical values this country was founded on. And that is why we must be armed as written in 2nd Amendment. 

  8. Hi Ken! I also am in 518. Pine Plains area, Northern Dutchess County. Would love to help out and get our area thriving! Have a great day! Daniel Riemer
  9. Beautiful! Well done! Let's keep pushing forward and get our country back! Danny from Dutchess County NY
  10. `fuac, I also am in 845/518 area code. Now we are getting somewhere!
  11. I didn't see this reply Tommy, Thank you and if I can be of service let me know. God bless, from upstate N.Y, Danny
  12. Hi guys, I unfortunately live in Nys. Trying to find out if there is an 845 or 518 militia yet? This is a great tool for us Patriots to communicate. ....at least until they shut down the Internet. God bless America from Dutchess County NY!
  13. Let me know when a unit is formed in 518 area code. God bless America!

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