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  1. To hell with those SRA clowns. They’ll be the first assholes to join the UN to disarm Americans. Hurry up and fit them for a blue helmet. Gotta love all the rules for this rally, it’s like they’ve already won by restricting what gun or it’s configuration can be carried. It’s almost like this rally is just posturing. Akin to the losing team of the Super Bowl having a parade. It doesn’t matter and nobody cares. Keep training prepping and stockpiling.
  2. Brent has impeccable timing. Heres his next video on OCP. https://youtu.be/ljGJcV8mIWE
  3. Camo only does so much with so much kit on and so many sharp lines, pouches with shadows. I personally think it’s better to have a mesh sniper veil in a cargo pocket to quickly put on to break up the outline of the human body. Add Local vegetation into the mesh to further improve camouflage.
  4. Search Brent0331 on YT he’s done videos with about every camo there is in different times of the year to show the effectiveness of that particular camo.
  5. I‘ll add that I prefer to refer to our government as a constitutional republic, nothing with “democrat” in its verbiage deserves to describe our country. The Democrats in power now are power hungry win and keep power by whatever it takes means that also work to undo the constitution or corrupt it by amendments and laugh at how they were the ones that finally accomplished the knife in the back killing of the USA.
  6. I have a gsd rescue named jager. Being a rescue I had to rebuild his confidence, he was abused and abandoned as a puppy. He’s very trainable and I’ve used German commands to train him. He listens to commands well and I have trained him to sit before he goes in or out. I can command him to sitz and bleib as I open the door and he will not go out until I give him the “geh” command. He can do more but that’s the basics of what I’ve taught him. He loves his people, if you’re not his people then he will let you know that you are not.
  7. Not a drone at all in the video that we are looking at, that’s the flir camera on an AC-130. It’s located in a dedicated fairing in front of the left hand main landing gear wheel well.
  8. Not a drone thats a fucking AC-130. ☠️ I can hear the 40mm bofors firing and the 25mm minigun firing. After watching it again that is not the Soleimani strike. I got all excited thinking a spectre ended that dirtbag. The area is all wrong that’s rural countryside. Soleimanis convoy was next to a wall on a paved road
  9. Still a better option to build your own versus buying these. The IFAK has some items that I would use if I had to but there are better choices available when building your own. The AFAK is more on point with the CAT tourniquet. For tourniquets “one is none, two is one.” Add another tourniquet to the AFAK. Unwrap and stage those tourniquets To be ready, DO NOT LEAVE THEM SEALED!!! I picked up some Rexall brand bandages called shower shields. They are a water proof non vented bandage (which is important, so they will require burping) for $2 on sale I’ve added 8 chest seals or wound covers to my first aid inventory. Note I already have North American Rescue Hyfin chest seals in my kit but for someone that’s on a budget or someone that’s going to VA soon and doesn’t have a set of chest seals these would absolutely be a usable item. One for entry check for exit and place one there as well. The MFAK is what I have built for myself. As I said above unwrap and stage those tourniquets. Better yet use black hair ties or simple rubber bands to attach them to the outside of the kit so you can grab them instantly and apply them.
  10. Yes I do want!!! Need this for my 18” white oak SPR inspired build
  11. Wasn’t a doubt in my mind that they weren’t going to do this everyone needs to show up with a rifle over their shoulder and a side arm on their hip
  12. Magpul D60s on sale at midwayusa for $111 each

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