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  1. TBghost lll%

    TBghost lll%

  2. Welcome all new members, I apologise for the relative radio silence. I will put more effort into making this a more active channel. That being said, and the state of current affairs, I believe it's time we begin to coordinate a meet up of some sort in the near future. Anyone with interest, drop me a line here or you can find my direct line posted in the reply to the first comment. STAY VIGILANT
  3. Thank you smokey, I completely concur. I'm still trying to get used to this platform as I'm really not a comms savvy dude but a lil more down and dirty run & gun. I feel strongly we need to get a PACE plan in gear. Anyone in the AO here's my direct line 989-278-7434
  4. Heads up brothers, I've got solid confirmation from hospital staff here in NE region the situation is starting to sour. We've got a huge influx of down state folks bugging out to "summer cabins" and shit up here. But they might be running out of the frying pan and in to the fire..... We have a total 5 ICU BEDS and, unconfirmed, apx. 8-10 ventilators at our local hospital... The ONLY hospital, in 50 miles. Our dear friend a triage nurse, advised me not to let our kids do anything dangerous, like ride their bike - no bullshit - because the hospital is panicking about being overwhelmed, mandatory overtime, cancelled vacation. Prioritize first aid preps and self care items and literature
  5. Ok thanks brother I might have to look them up as well
  6. I'm right on the coast, Alcona county I guess a lil drive don't scare me
  7. Over here on the east coast, but I'll travel if need be. It's time to get rolling
  8. Welcome Aboard**

    1. TBghost lll%

      TBghost lll%

      Thank you. Eyes open 20 Jan

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