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  1. I agree we all must be prepared, especially now that the media / democrats have caused this ridiculous widespread panic. The next crisis may be far worse and real, so I'm going through, and adding to everything, guns, ammo, food, the whole list. This current panic is going to make the ones who hyped it look soooo bad in a couple weeks its going to be hilarious watching them back away from it so they can move on to the next fake crisis. Get plenty of popcorn ! ! ! Oh, and check out this article below ! https://techstartups.com/2020/03/12/mit-biologist-says-fear-mongering-coronavirus-will-go-biggest-fraud-manipulate-economies/
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  3. I decided I better sign up here now in Michigan because of all that is going on in Virginia. I have relatives there gearing up. Any information you have is welcomed. I am here to help.

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