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  1. Noone seems to be active on here bud. But in terms of ranges I suggest elk neck (outdoor) in MD or targetmaster in PA (indoor). You will need to build yourself a target stand to go to elk neck but it's well worth it. Just aim for weekdays weekends are crazy crowded and there's not alot of spots. Target master is dope alot of the guys there are ex military and if you are inexperienced they are willing to help. Unlike the old farts at ommenladen. Those guys suck. Could shoot a .300 win one day and next day wasn't aloud. There shit and stuck in there ways and will probably not be around forever
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  3. From Newark DE. Just came here as well. 2020 is looking interesting to say the least. What social media do you guys use? If interested I'll create a Facebook page or IG so we can possibly grow a group internally or find others prefarbly instagram cause it's far less infringing but to each there own
  4. Just joined aswell. In the newrk area by the Elkton line. Looking for a group of like minded individuals as well! LETS GO 1ST STATE

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