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  1. To anyone who sees this, If you're within 30 minutes of wasena park, i'm trying to setup a militia in Roanoke city. Please PM me or Charlie Giesen if you're interested
  2. Are any of you within 20 miles of wasena park in roanoke city?
  3. Hello my friend ,

    You said l only answered one of two questions. I think I answered 

    the one above if l was born again , ( No) Then you talked about the city council and , What does this mean to me? To me it means , we need a new city council . If I you have more questions just ask. Or if l misunderstood you , please let me know .

    1. Thundwewolf001


       What does this mean to you: like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death, is the one who deceives his neighbor, and says "i was only joking"

  4. I asked you 2 questions. You answered one.
  5. Agreed. Whether they want one or not. Also, people in wheelchairs can still be incredibly useful, and indeed, are uniquely and optimally suited for some tasks. As for the city council...i was there in december when the mayor flipped us off to our faces. What does this mean to you: like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death, is the one who deceives his neighbor, and says "i was only joking" Also, are you born again?
  6. Anyone near the roanoke area?
  7. The only problem people have with my post is the phrase "patriot factories"??? Seriously? Would you guys FEEL better if called them "future mothers of patriots?" Or something else? Or should just refuse to mention the fact altogether because saying women should be mothers is "oppressing" them? The fact that everything about females, from the way their brains are wired, to their pain endurance levels, to their very bone structure, TO THEIR DNA ITSELF...revolves around making children. That this is a fact...DOES NOT...simultaneously...mean...that that's their ONLY purpose! Obviously!
  8. Females are most definitely a combat liability. For those of you (males only. females won't get what i'm talking about. The closest comparison for females would be the sound of a crying baby) wondering why males would be more apt to risk their lives for a female than a male, watch the following video, listen to the sound (you'll know which sound i'm taking about when you hear it), pay attention to your response to it, and put yourself on the battlefield hearing that: Females are physically weaker than men. Significantly. Most importantly, the physical
  9. Looking to start/join a militia in or very near Roanoke City. A REAL one, with rank and command structure, uniforms, regular training schedule, etc. I'm NOT interested in some useless fudd who wants to sit around and drink beer and have potlucks. A constitutional militia, full of honorable, sober men, who see the dark clouds on the horizon, and are ready and willing to give their time, money, materials, blood, sweat, and tears to others, to defend their communities from ALL tyrants, from the ravages of nature, to the petty thief, all the way up to the POTUS (trumpmaga2020) and beyond. PLEASE d

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