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  1. welcome to the militia troy

  2. Where are you? go to the militia roll page, find your state and go there. You can try to find a militia to join
  3. https://quality2wayradios.com/store/GMRS-FCC-License

     this is a link for how a gmrs repeater would work, draw back is we all would need to get the gmrs license.  But we then could use 50 watts and mobile unit and bases to be able to acess the repeater.  This would help for peer to peer coms if the repeater would go down.   

  4. welcome to our group

    1. Brandon Vaught

      Brandon Vaught

      Thank you very much for the add. 

  5. sometimes they will scramble the freqs, for security reasons
  6. radiorefrence has the soft ware
  7. have you tried to find the programing on CHIRP, or other on line sources ?
  8. Our militia seems to be growing, I am glad to see so many new people wanting to join us. I am looking forward to meeting everyone at our next meeting.
  9. Hello Mr. Bauer,  I am sure Matt will send you a welcome pack and an application..  I handle comms, but I want to welcome yo to the fray.   Where are you located if you don't mindme asking, I am in Bluefield.

  10. Would you please reach out to me about being involved? Thank you. 


    1. Radiouser


      ok, the mercer 1st is just starting out, we have a lot to do, I saw youwere a ham in mercer county.  That is good,,since I am the chief radio officer.   I have started out the guys with uv5r radios, That is something everyone can afford,  We use the frs/grmrs feqs, and murs.     By the way I am also a ham, ki4aof

    2. Ryder


      Thanks for the reply. KC3KGY is my call, I have numerous uv5r ht's already and 2 base radios set up in the house.   I monitor the 147.060 repeater at Windmill Gap regularly. I also monitor FRS radio channel 5 both at home and in my SXS.  I have many assets that would be beneficial to the unit, we should meet and discuss. 

    3. Radiouser


      I agree this would be beneficial, we'll get together and see what we can do.

  11. I guess everyone can blame me for the radio choice. I was just trying to everyone outfitted for a small price. Next time we will get Icom, Dstar with aprs drop aboutnn1000 bucks on each rigg
  12. the address for the Hardee's is 170 Meadowfield Ln., Princeton, WV. 24740, This is for people like me that have to use a gps to just find my feet
  13. yes I have the cable, but I have never got the software to load right, I tore up a 79.00 radio using it. But if you want to use mine, I will bring it, just let me know.
  14. Please remind everyone to bring their radios, I hope to put the first set of frequencies in them. They will be the uhf freqs. that are used in the gmrs/frs radios and a few more.

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