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  1. I would like to get together with members for training. While firearms would probably draw the most I feel we should have a meeting first. Any ideas? I may know of private club where we can gather.
  2. Applied months ago, heard nothing. Sadly it appears this is a bunch of wannabes.
  3. Can we call this a civil war now? 20 Cities being sacked and looted. Our White House under siege. This started before the election, continued with Obama using every tool at his disposal to harm President Trump before and after he took office. Loretta Lynch's speech days after the transition calling for resistance. Numerous investigations into President Trump and anyone who supported him. I felt that was the cold civil war phase, the impeachment and attempt to remove a duly elected President was the beginning of the hot phase. Covid scare and subsequent lockdowns are designed to hurt the economy showing just how ruthless the enemy is and destroying peoples lives was just a means of getting rid of the President. When that doesn't work we now get coordinated rioting across the country. How hard is it to our groups to get together? These groups rioting are coordinated. Accidental? Lucky? Maybe but in 20 cities . Just because we may not call it a civil war the enemy is certainly acting like it is.
  4. Nothing, as long as the communist hold senate, house and governor's office they don't care how much we protest. The propaganda arm of these commie bastards (local media) will never report it.
  5. We received military surplus gas mask and used them when training in oleoresin capsicum and CS gas filled rooms. They were old and worked fine.

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