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  1. Hello Sir,

    glad you're joining. My internet is very slow so I don't get on much, but I'm going to upgrade hopefully soon. Hughes net is pretty bad here especially when everyone is home on the computer.  

  2. Sleeper, I'm interested in getting involved in an analysis/communication/intelligence group.
  3. I've only attended one meeting in Joplin an still interested in joining. unfortunately , I've had uninspected issues arise besides the CCP. I'll contact the 3/8 LT
  4. I'm Virgil Alcorn just moved into the Joplin Missouri area, an I'm retired USAF RED HORSE, retired Commission Law enforcement/ Parole officer/ TN. Read what JW and Heritage send out and found that being a member a new of III% Defense Militia I've discovered more from other members in other states what is taking place against our constitution from liberals.
  5. Retired 24 years USFA RED HORSE & retired Commissioned law enforcement Parole officer  

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