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  1. Raised by a true patriot, a descendant of the Daughter's of the American Revolution, I am finding myself yearning for simpler times and a hunger to take my power back as an American to protect my freedom and the most important thing of value; my life and future of my children.


    I am awakening to discover that the values instilled upon us in this superficial society are not my own. I have come to learn that as a collective that patriotism, self-sufficiency and courage have not only been discouraged but demonized.


    I am here to begin my journey to take my power back and to teach my children to do so as well. To teach my children to honor being an American and what that really means. To teach them bravery and how to protect themselves. I arrive here a blank canvas; I have nothing but the desire to learn everything that I can about protecting my rights, my life and the life of my children and my people, forevermore.


    Dangerous Freedom.png

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