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  1. Does anyone have a rmr or other reddot sights you carry every day? I have one on my competition gun but I don’t carry it everyday I’m just curious of the pros and cons
  2. I used to be really into bushcrafting until I messed up my knees in a motorcycle wreck I need to get back into it.
  3. I just want to know how I’d love for mine to say that lol
  4. Have you had the drawing yet or did I miss it?
  5. I understand the wearing of the cup lol that’s why I don’t use a one point anymore I have a vickers tactical on the long gun I’m probably going to buy one for the pistol too eventually.
  6. How well do you like that bungee sling I’ve never had one myself but I’ve used a friends and his hang really low even after adjusting it as far as it would of course I’m pretty sure his was really cheap so that could have been part of it.
  7. I just finished the pistol a little while ago I’ll probably do the new shotgun and and 6.5 creedmour tomorrow.
  8. My names is Chris I’m from Mercer county I’m a tuck driver I also have a background working in ems and competition shooting I support our constitution.
  9. I completely agree it should be done away with.
  10. I’m looking to build a form 1 suppressor (legally) out of a solvent trap I’m wondering if any of you have used the solvent traps if so which ones are worth the money?
  11. https://www.amazon.com/gp/slredirect/picassoRedirect.html/ref=pa_sp_phone_search_atf_aps_sr_pg1_1?ie=UTF8&adId=A0688651293T8H6U16J13&url=%2FHYS-Antennas-18-7Inch-Gooseneck-Foldable%2Fdp%2FB0811N3TVS%2Fref%3Dmp_s_a_1_1_sspa%3Fkeywords%3Dbaofeng%2Bantenna%26qid%3D1582696200%26sprefix%3Dbaofeng%2Ba%26sr%3D8-1-spons%26psc%3D1&qualifier=1582696200&id=3613027150333641&widgetName=sp_phone_search_atf Does anyone have good/bad experience with these antennas?
  12. I’ll do it manually until I can order the cable I wasn’t sure if you were going to do it manually or with the computer

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