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  1. Thanks for the welcome, I hear talk of changing the shape of states, as counties that feel they have no representation in their state governments are fed-up and willing to join with freer neighboring states that these counties may border. I don't think that relinquishing in any way, shape, or form ever works against tyrannical injustice, I also do not believe simply by changing a line will stop the continued advancement of leftist extremists infiltration of ideals in our communities, educational systems, or political, and legal structures.For now the small battles must be fought in the states at the local govt.levels,assist with the 'Get out the Vote' in our communities, and keep in the back of our minds that that November is coming. The deterioration of our Republic has become so pervasive that only a top down solution has become it's only salvation imho. When I saw the Repugnant behavior of the left, and the RINOS,and media, towards candidate Trump in 2016, I knew I was voting for him. I wanted to throw a monkey wrench in the Federal political machine in Washington for a long time. Now that machine coughs, and sputters,smokes, gears grind,teeth fly off, and the temp needle is way up, BUT,,,He is getting things done. Personally I don't like him, politically I'm liking the results of what's been done by him in this amount of time, in the face of the onslaught of hooey that continues since the moment he announced, but that's his problem, and so far he's handling it, and as long as he does he gets my vote. The corruption on the left will continue to be exposed weekly, by the time November 3rd gets here Dems will be a ragged forlorn mess, with Swillary, or Michelle O. swooping in to try to save them, which makes me 'Laugh Out Loud'. In the meantime we build Militias across this country up to the point that they are a force of considerable size. Training should include civics, especially with the young patriot. In order to maintain a healthy Republic, a well informed balanced educated, not mind controlled citizen is absolutely required. Militia, the word should invoke the ideals of freedom to their fullest extent, and not fear,or suspicions. The new Patriot Militia volunteer is an idealist, a crusader, unfortunately harsh realities can dash all that to pieces, care must be taken. By the time the pendulum swings back the other way hopefully our Republic will be the strongest its been in ages, and We have Militia's with active memberships filled to overflowing.
  2. Area code 406 here. The Winds Of Change Are Blowing Stronger. Time To Fall In.
  3. Time to fall in. The Winds of change are blowing
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