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  1. Recently moved to Nez Perce county area and looking to meet any groups in the area and get more info.
  2. I work as armed security. I've bounced around within the same company doing some patrol work, SSO/SRO work in various schools, and some security at a local university. Previously I worked as much as 50-70 hour weeks but due to scheduling conflicts I've been reduced to 32 hour weeks for the past year and a half. I want to toss out the disclaimer that I haven't used the FRAS plates specifically. Just the older, conventional soft plates that Safelife defense offers. I have not used their external carriers either; just the concealed armor. I will say that they ARE more comfortable than my previous concealed rigs.
  3. It seems cool but as someone that's been wearing Safelife vests for the last 2.5-3 years I'm going to have to pass. The warranty is awesome but every 6-8 months I'm sending something back for falling apart. I'm not even that hard on my gear. The carrier just isn't durable enough. And, for that price, I'm just going to go find a plate carrier that fits me more comfortably, is more durable, and stuff in some universal armor for a fraction of the price. I would be on board if the FRAS could fit into other vests or they had inserts for universal plate carriers.
  4. If we're getting into a discussion on camo I feel it needs to be a big more in depth than just putting a list out. I only mention this because I see faux pas all the time. The most recent offender was a map of the US someone posted with areas filled in with what the creator thought was the best camo pattern in each area. It had more wrong than right. Additionally, I've seem people hunting or participating in things like Paintball that stand out like a sore thumb with the wrong color or pattern. Might be good to use these forums to compile a list like that with everyone chipping in. Especially for anyone that's looking to move somewhere else or travels a lot. Just to start stuff off I'll give a mention to Multicam for my area of Eastern Washington. I mention this because of how varied the terrain can be here. In just one day of hunting I can start out in an area where Flecktarn is king, get into some green tiger stripe areas or woodland, multicam, and finish the day of stalking in an area where desert/chocolate chip is perfect. I personally think Kryptek Mandrake works better than Multicam but good luck finding all the clothing and equipment you want in that camo pattern. I'm still trying to narrow down the best pattern for winter time here.
  5. Hello, Checking in and looking around from Yakima, Wa. Trying to get a little bit of information before I go jumping head first into things.
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