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  1. Raptor, we are in 423 area code, are currently working on moving into a little house. We are very interested in being part of this very important group. TAC wanted to vet us but could not meet with jobs and house fixing. If your in the Johnson City area, please contact us so we can be vetted and get helping. 321-312-7304 Stella Bell Thank you
  2. With respect to Miltias in Tennessee, I looked up the legal parts of belonging to a Miltia, it is very informative.

    While we have the right to to bear arms, carrying arms to protect and back the officers in the event of a riot can be seen as illegal. Why,? Because we are allowed to carry arms to protect ourselves from criminal activity, should a weapon misfire and bodily harm occurs, the owners of said weapon would be treated as a criminal. 

    This means you better only use any weapons you bring to these events, for self defense! And in the age of we are wrong and the destructive force is right it should also be noted, restraint is extremely important! 
    We fully back miltias, I think they will be what may save our beloved country from hell, but we need to be mindful of outside forces. 

    1. Rhino 2-6

      Rhino 2-6

      I just wanted to interject an opinion on the discussion...

      Having read your thread I'm happy to see growing support and your support for militias. One point I would like to add is in the case of the McCloskeys in St. Louis standing up and protecting their property with firearms. The couple never fired a shot, Mr. McCloskey's AR was unloaded (by his own admission) and Mrs. McCloskeys firearm was not real.  The couple never left their property and still they have been forced to surrender their weapons, face criminal charges as stated by the DA and the worst part is that they're both attorneys so I believe they're well aware of the law. My point is this.., being a law abiding citizens means nothing. Even if you are acting within the law, corruption knows no bounds! I feel for these 2 Americans who only wanted to keep their property and possessions safe. Now, unfortunately, they'll probably be tied up in legal matters for the next few years (at least) and are being forced to prove themselves innocent. I believe that true patriots who make a conscious decision to arm themselves against tyranny understand that government and police are not there to protect them, their property or their rights, In my opinion, if you don't stand up against tyranny and act accordingly then you'll just continue to be SHEEP. Patriots, Conservatives and the Right  are already a high priority for Federal law enforcement and if they decide to bring charges against you what recourse do you have?! I personally won't spend a minute worried about this and will continue to stand prepared.

      These opinions are mine and some may not agree,

      Thanks Stella Bell for your post 

    2. Rev.E.


      There are circumstances that proceed written laws. We were asked to be in Rogersville, Tn. by the Chief of Police. We were approved by him to carry sidearms. We were there in the capacity of assisting local Law Enforcement. Not only did we perform as asked, but we also managed to stop two major threats. 


      That being said, you are technically not allowed to carry firearms during a protest. That is what makes them a peaceful protest, but if the Protesters show up with firearms then is up to the discretion of LEO as to whether you get turned away or they ask you to avoid any type of confrontation.

  3. Will try to get , working two jobs, so may not be able.

    1. Raptor 47

      Raptor 47

      Thank you for the reply, I will be posting a meeting place and time as soon as they are set. 

    2. Stella Bell

      Stella Bell

      congrats on your promotion!

    3. Raptor 47

      Raptor 47

      Thank you

  4. Folks it’s getting time to batten down the hatches, pull in the feed and hunker down for a long run.

    while we hope and pray things will not go further, I believe the writing is on the wall. 
    would like to see some kind of get together meet and greet, see where we all are. 
    please let me know what ya all think.


  5. Hello all brothers and sisters, interesting times are afoot. I gather from my readings and discussion on the topics of saving America, that time is very short before the “ brown coats” really start total destruction. They have an app that allows contact, info passage when it has been read, it disappears. I had a discussion with a local sheriff last week, he said July 4 th is the target date for an all out assault on anyone who will not follow the communist manifesto, as put out by blm, it is supposed to start in Minneapolis, we will see about that, but there is a lot of talk about the day. Next, a historical read on solar flares, which have been studied, long and hard has showed that the day after a solar flare of M class or higher,( go to space weather.com) , there is a major event of violence, you can look this up by putting in history of events with solar flares, anyhow, the day before July 4 th, is a solar flare , so we should aware that something will happen. It’s made more eventful because we are in a solar min, going from cycle 24 into 25. It may that there will more flares as the sun progresses back to solar maximum. If those on this forum, are serious, the other item to know is that while we are acting on second amendment rights, the militia that acted in New Mexico is being sued by antifa, because an antifa was shot, we need to be aware that the legal system has been rigged against anyone defending this country, done long ways back by Bill Ares weather underground movement. That is why one reason why there are so many demo idiot governors, demo idiot judges. I hope and pray that we can gather enough folks to stand and defend our country, the constitution and Declaration of Independence. apologies for this long discussion. Stella
  6. They say 3 makes a party.
  7. Hi I am Stella, versed in living the farm life, looking forward to meeting and comparing notes on how we can help ea other and grow. Stella
  8. I am in 423, cannot lead, but have lots of experience in growing, canning, soap making.
  9. We are in east TN as well. Background in herbal meds, biodynamic growing, small farm stock.
  10. Stella Bell

    Stella Bell

  11. I am here to volunteer because of the state of our great country.

    My background is in organic farming, herbal and alternative medicine.

    I understand the use of weapons, more then just guns. 
    It is a matter of time till someone does something stupid, Ergo I offer my services, to help folks learn how to grow, make medicine and soaps.

    If there is anything else please ask.

    ”For I am just a mighty tiny ant, put together with other ants we can move boulders”

    1. Matt In West Virginia

      Matt In West Virginia

      Hello Mam. I'm a distant neighbor. Thank you for joining MyMilitia and thank you for offering your talents to a cause that needs you desperately.

      It is my sincerest hopes you can find an active unit near you. I'm sure they would be more than happy to have your help and talents. You can find nearby units through various means on this site, such as checking your state's list of militias.

      If you need any help just holler. Someone here will be glad to assist.

      Merry Christmas!

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