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  1. I am founder of VACM - Va’s Constitutional Militia. Look us up on Facebook. Fill out our active member application. We would love to have you. No skill is too small. I will also include application link here for you. 


  2. Well now Sierra .. you are music to my ears. I am the founder of VACM. Other than the distance we are your fit. My team is dead serious about our mission. I have no military background but my men do. I have members that I’m I cannot mention online. We are, unfortunately on Facebook, look us up. We have an application for active members. Main interest is skills, location and emergency contact. I have a plan that you could be critical in. If interested let me know. https://forms.gle/xe98Ub7db3SHaQ776
  3. HI Ivan. We are located in Christiansburg Va. We are working on training- tactical, firearms and PPE. We would love to have you join us. I do realize that Charlottesville is a good drive. We meet once a month and training schedule is tbd. www.facebook.com/groups/vacm1 or search Va's Constitutional Militia.
  4. Done and posted on my Militia page. Just sent out addl emails to committee voting on Monday
  5. I am working to protect mine and my family's CONSTITUTIONAL rights. In the definition of family I am including the whole of our Trump Nation. If we lose the 2nd we lose the 1st.
  6. Hello Ms. Basham. Welcome to MyMilitia. I'm a neighbor here in Mercer County, West Virginia. Thanks for your interest and for joining. Hope to see you around and have a VERY Merry Christmas!

    1. Sheila basham

      Sheila basham

      Thank you. Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. 

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