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  1. are you guys active ???

    1. Sheila basham

      Sheila basham

      Yes in Montgomery county

  2. Can anyone tell me if this is true?? 


  3. Montgomery County has an established militia, VA’s Constitutional Militia. If you are looking to join hit me up. We have members from as far away as Speedwell and Giles to Natural Bridge.
  4. I would like 540. I already have a Militia started in Montgomery County- we are training, have officers established, medics on board and preppers in group. We are currently 130 boots on the ground strong.
  5. You are correct. The gun ban is to serve 2 purposes: strip us of our voting rights and distract us from the electoral to popular vote. We must vote them out. Dems are going to implode.
  6. I hope not. My militia is in Montgomery County.
  7. Thank you for your support. Knowing we have your support helps. Help us get the word out. I am founder of VA’S Constitutional Militia in Montgomery County. I can always use a few good men and women. We are on Facebook too.
  8. Hi. Join a militia. Unfortunately you are too far away to be in mine but there some in NOVA
  9. VA’S Constitutional Militia in Montgomery County. Now accepting members. I can also help with start up.
  10. I have my Militia in Montgomery County. VA’S Constitutional Militia.
  11. I am founder of VACM - Va’s Constitutional Militia. Look us up on Facebook. Fill out our active member application. We would love to have you. No skill is too small. I will also include application link here for you. 


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