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  1. Hey Chris,  I live in northern Durham county and work in Roxboro. Not many of us in this area. Do you know of any meetings scheduled?


    D Vader

  2. Good evening *Chris*, I'm Josh I just joined.  I live in W-S.  If you'd like to communicate my email is [email protected]   A Marine and a prepper, I'm looking to link up with other Patriots in the area.

    My apologies for the SNAFU on the first message, I'm copying and pasting these first contacts to the 336 militia

  3. Good evening DCR, I'm Josh I just joined.  I live in W-S.  If you'd like to communicate my email is [email protected]   A Marine and a prepper, I'm looking to link up with other Patriots in the area.

  4. Over the years I have met MANY people who will stand and fight when the time comes (or so they say). The problem is they only want to get involved when the time comes, they want to keep their anonymity (or so they think). If you are a combat veteran, you are already a potential terrorist according to government documents, they will come for us anyway. These people do not want to be on a government watch list, or be known to be a patriotic American, they are every where, but no where at the same time. Personally I think the people who want be to ready for what ever comes,ie. (natural disasters, political unrest....whatever) should focus on developing systems, networks, intel, and training for the people who will show up when the time arises. I think it is dangerous to have lower enlisted knowing the command structure, only a select number of people should know who the leadership is. When someone is threatened with prison time, or injury to their loved ones they will tell everything they know and maybe things that are not true to help themselves. There should be degrees of separation between the different levels of leadership. I am sure it is already that way, that is why it is so hard to find "leaders" in the movement. SO I would say do not be discouraged if you cannot find people who want to be leaders, they are there. I think the problem is in the middle ranks, people who want to be the middle men or women. Even that should be at different levels, only KEY people should know who the next level leader is....a liaison if you will. So I believe the middle levels of leadership, with degrees of separation, should be the areas people focus on.....like the NCO's, every one know the NCO's are the ones who win battles. Do not get disheartened if you cannot tap into leadership levels, focus on small unit ops, and be willing to integrate into a larger group when the time comes! ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, that lady pushing that shopping cart next to you at the store or that cop running traffic checks could be a key leader in your area. Just keep the faith!!!!!
  5. Hey Donald, I live in close proximity to you. Just letting you know Im nearby. Looking to connect with like minded people who believe in America as a Republic and not a socialist state.

  6. I am 48 yrs old Combat Veteran from the first gulf war, and a paratrooper. I'm looking to get up to speed on radio communications (HAM Radio). Get licensed and just learn some new things.
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