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  1. Start here to learn about studying for your Tech License: http://www.arrl.org/shop/Ham-Radio-License-Manual/ I'm all studied up and ready to take the test, but seeing as how our tyrannical governor is prolonging the quarantine, I'm sure test sites will be cancelled and rescheduled at a much later date. Good luck!
  2. The book, Hunt for the Skinwalker, linked Dulce, NM into the story. I think you might find the new History Channel series, 'Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch' riveting. That's a very interesting news piece in the link that you shared.
  3. JRL, depending where you live, you might be able to get away with several plastic barrels for rain water. If you live in an unpredictably arid area like some of us do, you would be better served by a roof water collection system. Bushman water collection system is my personal favorite. And if the SHTF, your lady will be very happy with more opportunities to shower and shampoo and look pretty for the Patriot in her life.
  4. Doug 1943, The ROTC story is hilarious. I've seen quite a few patients' relatives hit the floor, particularly during my OBGYN rotation in nursing school back in the day! I'm currently shopping for a new place to live. Without getting overly personal, I've been dry camping without amenities for over a year as an experiment. There is not enough data and bandwidth for videos. No TV, no power, no running water: just my laptop and I have to seriously monitor and restrict data use. While it's been an awesome adventure, I totally froze my butt off in the course of 2 winters, and I'm in the process of shopping for a real roof over my head. Maybe before the end of the year I can be more useful in the video search department. Please bear with me!
  5. 3M N95 respirators are sold at Home Depot. If you wear one while shopping in the city this week, you can be guaranteed a wide berth by the public, and exposure to fewer germs. Ha!
  6. This is an excellent topic. Respirators, hand washing, and avoiding the public whenever possible are several key tools for disease prevention, as you pointed out, Doug, 1943. It's not clear to me whether the Corona Virus is part of a disinformation and distraction campaign or an actual deadly threat. If news sites are accurate, less than 600 Chinese have died from the illness, and about 5,000 have been sickened. In the overall picture, that's not very many people. During the Ebola outbreak, we hospital staff were provided with hazmat suits and respirators, and taught how to employ personal protection strategies to avoid contamination. Was there a pandemic in the US? No, thank God. Could the Corona Virus be an aerosolized biological agent? Possibly. You said, "Oh yes. I hate to be ghoulish about this but ... if there really is a big epidemic in the US, during and after it will give us a great opportunity to argue, on line and in letters to the editor and in personal conversations, for the existence of all-round prepared-for-anything militia groups." That would be a marginally positive outcome, but only if our ISP providers and Post Office clerks don't croak. LOL.
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome. Much appreciated. Doug 1943, I might be interested in collaborating on a field manual in the future. At this time I'm studying for the SAR field exam and hope to take a man-tracking course in the spring. In all fairness, I'm less of an academian and more of a hands-on practitioner. Once I pass militia vetting and get my sea legs, I would like to know who else is interested in the project. Thanks again. You ROCK!
  8. I'm an RN with years of Mobile Intensive Care Nurse , Level 1 Trauma experience, and I hope my expertise will never be needed by my fellow militia patriots. That being said, I'm a mediocre shooter and practicing to get better. Hope to be a valuable asset to the team. Thanks to y'all for contributing valuable information on this site.
  9. Sorry, I don't know what a seat vehicle is. Can you tell me a little more? I couldn't find details online. TIA
  10. Somebody please tell me what vehicle was customized to make Alex Jones' ride. It's awesome!
  11. This is seriously romantic!
  12. That's an awesome ride. What is it?
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