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  1. I think we are down to 156 counties left to go in Ga.
  2. We meet about four miles from Pembroke Georgia.


    Scott Eisenheart, 704.8681


    https://gsmpao.weebly(DOT)com are primarily a Prepper Organization, join us.

  3. https://www.secondamendmentdaily.com/2020/01/pro-gun-marjorie-greene-will-speak-at-floyd-county-2a-sanctuary-rally-january-25th/
  4. Southern Georgia Defense militia is always looking for like minded individuals. We are based in the Valdosta/Tifton area. Look us up.
  5. The Southern Georgia Defense Militia is holding a meeting/recruiting meeting this coming Sunday starting at 2pm in Adel, Ga. For exact location contact us via message. Jarhead278
  6. Sorry folks, did the best I could to copy and paste the article (Photo - Adobe Stock) Breaking: Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges not owned by the state Posted by LET Staff | Jan 6, 2020 | Must Reads, News, Law and Legal, Featured Virginia just went full blown communist. If it wasn’t bad enough watching the action unfold surrounding unconstitutional g
  7. Southern Georgia Defense Militia is actively recruiting any able bodied person in the southern Georgia area that wishes to help uphold the US Constitution or anyone else that is in need. PM me for info.

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