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  1. Check out our Site at Facebook. UCM.com Utah Constitutional Milita.
  2. My fellow Patriots. This year has began as a shit show. Day by day we are bieng distracted by the fake media, feeding us lies. Dividing our country instead of uniting. Bonding instead of fighting. I have no doubt we will have a Civil War in this country. I fear for my childrens future and their families. Our rights and freedom have been stripped away and coated to a degree that we need "Privilege" or "Sanctuary" to exercise a god given right. We must maintain strong and committed to what we must do to preserve our freedom and lives. If we let the Elite take control, we will never be the same Nation. "Together we stand, Divided we fall" Stand by my True Patriots, and God bless.
  3. Utah State Capitol folks. In SLC Map shows different. Thanks .
  4. Calling all Utah Militias Come join our Second Amendment Rally Saturday 10 am at the State Capitol. Every pro 2A should be there. Hope everyone can attend .
  5. Found a Group. Let me know if your interested.
  6. Everyone should know some type of Hand to Hand Combat.
  7. If it begins in Virginia, it's only time they come for yours! Standing as 1 and in numbers , we the people will prevail.
  8. This year just started. Now would be the best time to start. I'm a serious prepper. Time to come together brother's.
  9. Thanks for the response I live around the Utah county area and I'm looking for people to join or start a group here around my are. I would love some also like to meet up with militia members already settled here and Utah to talk about and Train. [email protected]
  10. Introduction to Militia Basics. Feel free to leave a comment.
  11. If you live in Springville, Utah I'm your guy.
  12. Make your own. Start small. Find people around your community like minded.
  13. [email protected] I'm trying to bring everyone from Utah together. Let me know. Actions take us further than words.

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