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  2. Nice, it’s 60 down here also. This social media thing is driving me nuts trying to sort it out. If you know someone down here In South East Ga that I can contact , i would greatly appreciate it. how do you edit the introduction stuff ? I want to add things that could be of value. thanks
  3. Thanks fixer hope y’all aren’t freezing your arses off up there.
  4. I just started on discord also. I reckon I’m in the right place to make contacts and contribute to saving this great Nation of ours from the marxist/communist . They’ve been chipping away at our social structures for many decades. I do think us patriots are the real “woke”ones. It’s about time people started paying attention to what’s really going on. Our ideals are based on fact and we are a Constitutional Republic based in Religious Faith. I hope we can hold on to it !
  5. Please forgive my lack of social media skills. I will find my way around eventually.
  6. Would like to get in contact with patriots in my area. From north Florida originally , and have lived here in South Georgia for going on 1.5 years. Think I can contribute in some positive ways.

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