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  1. zcavoe, Keep control until the Unit is formed . Law Enforcement is a good start. I have both, military and  law enforcement .

    But, l suggest you keep the leadership until the unit is formed and we as a unit can decide who will lead us. Right now we seem to be scattered all over western and central Virginia . We need local leadership to bring us all together . Building a good unit will take time and effort for everyone . Thank

    you for stepping forward in the leadership roll.

    1. zcav8or


      Sounds like a good idea! I will keep control for now and let the unit as a group decide who they want.

  2. Welcome everyone to 540 Militia. When I volunteered to run this unit it, was on the promise that it would only be until someone more qualified came along and I would hand the reigns over. I have law enforcement experience yet have no military experience. If anyone in this group has military experience and would be interested in taking charge to make sure this unit goes in the right direction please let me know and I will hand over control. Hopefully this unit will become a force in fighting tyranny.
  3. Can I get this as a unit patch Also I joined 540 and would be willing to lead until a more qualified member comes along..
  4. I'd like to join 540 when it becomes available. I would also like to volunteer to lead until someone with more experience comes along.

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