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  1. Thanks “Fixer” for all the expertise i getting everything started and working and welcome to the Brother that is taking over to keep the site working. Remember Fixer we all have your “six” and are here if you need us Brother...
  2. KCS, first is the Handle and the top part of the leg on the CCCane I am machining.

    Second is a Ruger P-94 40 caliber pistol that was in my friends truck, he thought is was ready for the trash, this is what it looked like when he brought it to me.

    I told him most likely it just needs cleaning and he thought I was joking.

    Third picture is now, I striped it down and completely cleaned the gun, then I tested all the springs to make sure the truck fire had not reduced their tension or compression, thin I made a new bullet follower in the magazine that had melted when the fire had cooked off a fully loaded magazine, to save the magazine.

    Next I will blue the slide that I re-heat treated just to be on the safe side and then I will make some custom grips out of Black Walnut for him. All this will cost him for the materials I used to make the bullet follower, about $0.15...




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    2. Sgt Dailey

      Sgt Dailey

      I first test fired the pistol in my remote test firing station to make sure all was functioning safely.


      Then I made a video of the test firing to show my friend that I feel the gun is 100% safe to shoot.

    3. Sgt Dailey

      Sgt Dailey

      This is my machine shop.

      I make parts and glad to help anyone if I can.


      I designed and built the monorail hoist to relieve my back, moving heavy items around my shop with the touch of a finger.


      my horizontal metal cutting band saw can cut any metal up to 7” in diameter.


      my twenty ton hydraulic press  can make metal as hard as copper swage with ease, I make my own Lead wire to make bullets from. I have designed and made a set of DIES to swage 9mm brass from copper refrigerant tubing and I will try it on aluminum tubing to use in a leave behind situation. Next is a set of DIES to make .223/5.56 rifle brass.





    4. KCS


      Nice shop!! Reminds me of my dad's. I used to help him build model airplanes and warships in the basement. THAT RUGER LOOKS AMAZING!! Looks like it works just fine....hehe

  3. This “Pandemic” was manmade, in my opinion, it was also publicized to create panic, but Trump is using their attempts against putting him in a bad light, to a GOOD SPOTLIGHT.

  4. I have deleted the offending reply, that when looking at the BIGGER PICTURE, I agree it was not the best place for my response... I was just answering Dr. Doug Deibele D.M.D. message to me. if this is not the place for that message, delete it, it is not a problem with me.
  5. I have removed my comment, after looking at the bigger picture my response would be better in another place.
  6. Headhunter we volunteered when the CIA came looking for snipers that were qualified to map wilderness like the new location of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos and Cambodia where American military were not allowed because it would be an act of war against those countries. We were not allowed anything that linked us to the military, no ID, patches etc. We were attached to the 519th Intel unit and were choppered into Laos or Cambodia to do the mapping and we were ordered to first do mapping and second remove the officers In charge of the supplies. We never fired more than one long distance shot and moved to another hide we had prepared. We did more mapping and Intel than anything. We were told we were to live off the land, map, remove the Officers of the enemy and radio in a location and kill code at a predetermined time from the previous days coded call. We stayed on the trail as long as our ammo lasted. They never picked us up at a extraction point, because they did not want to take the chance of being shot down in a country we were not supposed to be in and we always had to walk out thru Indian territory, removing targets of opportunity on the way. Every time we were in Indian territory it was classified and a suicide mission. If we were caught or killed we would just be lost in action and nobody would be looking for us.
  7. Sgt. Dailey was my Army rank as a sniper in Nam, my handle, “The Ghost” was given to me by the gooks because once I was on a mission no enemy who had a chance of seeing me survived. With a bounty on my head in Nam the gooks sent several of their snipers to hunt me and my spotter on the Ho Chi Minh trail that we were helping map when the gooks moved the trail into Laos and Cambodia, but their snipers never returned to collect the bounty. When I retired from the military I practiced my craft hunting in Texas for many years.
  8. No, we may have crossed trails and did not know it. I was there in 69 but spent most of my time on the Ho Chi Minh trail.
  9. I received the handle “The Ghost” in Nam as a sniper. To my knowledge no gooks ever saw me and survived and we were hunted by gook snipers on the Ho Chi Minh trail, but they lost.
  10. WOW, this knife is GREAT... I received the Gerber knife today from the March drawing, this is very similar to the Gerber I carried in Nam, but much better (50 plus years newer technology). We all need one of these knives as part of our basic equipment. I have used the included configuration parts, for the sheath, to carry it horizontal on my belt in the middle of my back for the element of surprise if needed and to keep my sides free to carry my 1911 and My Nam Tomahawk. It is a dream come true !!! Sgt. Dailey
  11. I was practicing my craft.
  12. I have served in the military seven years as a sniper, achieving the rank of Sgt. and have trained many in the craft. I have reloaded millions of match grade rounds of ammunition and can swage projectiles, reloaded primers, made smokeless gunpowder, swaged pistol brass from refrigerant tubing. I can make grenades, Landmines, Claymores, etc.. I am 78 years of age, but I can teach others to do the same. From a sniper standpoint I can still eliminate the target from a mile away, giving me adequate time to relocate for another shot. I have the equipment from my working days to do all of the above. A complete machine shop and a Analytical Laboratory. I can synthesize the chemicals needed from the basics. Being a mechanical/chemical engineer I can help in many other areas as well.
  13. Sgt Dailey

    Sgt Dailey

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