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  1. Is there any truth to UN vehicles entering Virginia?
  2. Aquarius


    Is there any truth to UN vehicles entering Virginia.
  3. Live in Kokomo, IN. Currently retired. Worked in various facets of firefighting, security, safety, medical (former paramedic). Interested in militia who fully supports our U.S. Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the President elected to the office, as well as the legislative and judicial branches along with law enforcement & our military. The most important to me is God our Creator first, patriotism, freedom over tyranny, and good laws that keep our law abiding citizens fully armed and the sovereignty of human right including the unborn. Further I support justice, not blind justice and only want true patriotic Americans who hold alligence first for the United States of America to serve the will of the people with term limits in our governmental offices. Being former military (USMC), I deeply respect our flag & our National Anthem. I am 100% behind our democratic form of government, not socialism of any kind. I am a Christian conservative who believes in the every words of the Holy Bible as God’s word & my oath taken when sworn in as a U.S. Marine. May God bless the good people in our country.
  4. I prefer freedom over tyranny and I prefer only true patriotic Americans to serve in governmental positions. I prefer One Nation Under God and to hell with allah! As a lifetime member of the NRA, I fully support the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights created by our forefathers
  5. New here and unsure of what I can do at this point?
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