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  1. I don't really want to be involved in a militia or travel to Lobby Day in Richmond. I'm busy living my life with my wife and we are trying to raise our three kids best we can. But I can tell you this. These four men along with several other family members that I share the Patrick name with have served our country proudly and I believe they served to protect our freedoms in this country and I'm not going to let some stupid bunch of politicians screw it up so I'm getting involved. Too many people have fought and died for our inalienable rights and I will not stand by and watch it get disassembled piece by piece. Top Left is my Paw Paw Patrick WWII, Top right is my great grandfather WWI, bottom left is my dad-Vietnam. Bottom right is my Uncle-Vietnam.
  2. Excited to be here! Looking forward to learning more about conceal carry safety and semi auto pistol shooting tips. I haven’t shot much over my lifetime so I would appreciate and tips for a relative newbie to shooting. My wife and I want to increase our ability to be able to protect ourselves and our children. We are lifelong Virginia residents and I am very concerned about our rights being infringed here in Virginia.
  3. Don’t know if this will suffice but I just showed my wife how to attach magazine and rack the slide. She had no trouble racking the slide. Next step is giving the ec9 it’s first cleaning, then we’ll head out to her dad’s private shooting range to go thru a box of shells sometime this week!
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