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  1. If interested in finding out more feel free to drop your contact information here, and I'll email or message you asap. If you would like to join or setup a time to speak feel free to contact me via messenger or by email. Current Contact Information: [email protected]
  2. That’s dang near close to, if not actually, advocating violence. Defending our border is commendable. Running military style operations on largely civilian based groups is not the same level of action you are requesting of others in your statement though. Your actions are working within the realm of legality, but you are advocating domestic terrorism under the militiaman banner. Its blurring the lines of Militiaman and armed political vigilantes.
  3. South Eastern Militia Command Introduction: The South Eastern Militia Command was created with the intent to bridge together Liberty focused Patriots, and Individuals into a Network of connected resources. Recognizing some of the largest hurdles Militia's face is logistics, and lateral communication. The South Eastern Militia Command is not a top down direct leadership organization. It's intent is to create a united network to assist in cross communication and regional support of assets. As well as giving Militia's unified direction in times of crisis. Mission: The South Eastern Militia Commands primary mission is creating an environment to allow individual Militia's/Individuals to collectively work together to information resources while growing. Goals: Our Initial goal is to bring enough Militia's/Individual's within the organization to allow the Militia's of the South Eastern United States the ability to coordinate outside of their direct groups. Allow information to be collected by a Militia or individual to then be submitted then redistributed within the network. Allow Militia's to offer resources such as Training or Training Facilities to Regionally based Militia's as assistance. In the Event of Emergency or Activation allowing Individual's or Smaller Militia's the Coordination to Rally into a larger force. Criteria: The Criteria for initial admittance into the South Eastern Militia Command is simple, and very straight forward. They include the following: A Militia Leader or Individual Upstanding and Legally able to participate A Desire to participate in a greater force and reestablish the bonds needed to effectively grow Our movement. A Desire to uphold and protect Individual rights as endowed from the Creator. Code Of Conduct: The South Eastern Militia Command Code of Conduct is a base set of expectations created for all members. All Units and Individual's are to keep their activity lawful and just. No type of extremist behavior, or actions will be tolerated. Units and Individual's are expected to not participate in any destructive activity such as racism,sexism, or harassment. Be respectful of others idea's and Units. Below i have attached a PDF version of this document if you would like to download. South Eastern Militia Command.pdf
  4. Have you checked out https://www.tacticalassaultgearstore.com/molle-small-50oz-hydration-pouch.html#tab-label-product.info.description Measures: 12"x8"x2" so might be a slight overhang but not where the connection is.
  5. So overall goal is to reduce straps and move to a direct Molle carrier correct? I’m guessing the 1.5 liter range would probably be best. About how much space are you working with on the back? Do have any pictures you could share? There’s a few options but definitely understand not wanting some bulking accessory slapping around the back of your rig. @ wquon was surfing hydration recently any recommendations you have off hand?
  6. Thats a correct assessment. When a persons food supplies get lower than their ammo supplies people will get rowdy. Everyone has mouths too feed. I would do the same so I wouldn’t expect others to act differently.
  7. Sad considering they finally found a market for that hunk of junk 🤭.
  8. @ Doug1943 if they are near my area I’d be willing to assist with what I could.
  9. Welcome aboard. Those are always a valuable set of skills. Each Militia is a little different. I believe @ Copperhead has a militia organized close to your area so might be able to help you out on getting you started. Alternatively you can also check the militia page which using the map you can check out militias near you. https://www.mymilitia.com/militias/ If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  10. I’m a little uncertain to what you are requesting. Where are you attempting to put this information? Currently your militia is showing its location as Springfield , Ohio, 45506.
  11. Hello Fellow Tennessee Patriots, Liberty Prime checking in. Still recruiting for the Volunteer Regional Defense Force. So if you are interested in taking part please contact me at ([email protected]). Any Tennessee Militia's or Members interested in networking or shared communication during these possibly volatile times Feel free to shoot me text at 865-219-3711 any time.
  12. Brilliant move to label yourself the enemy of the people right before a wide scale pandemic that will surely stretch your resources.
  13. By your logic Abortion is a Right. 😂 So you’re a Democrat that doesn’t like immigration. I guess that’s cool.

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