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  1. Shame I can imagine the guilt that someone might incorrectly place on themselves might be very difficult to overcome.
  2. Introduction to the Volunteer Regional Defense Force The History of the Militia: The American Militia has its roots in the very Creation, and Foundation of America. At the onset of the American Revolution the Militia comprised a large portion of the Americans forces. The Tenacity of the Militia kept America in the fight until Congress could authorize a professional force. Although the Definition of a militia has changed legally throughout history the militia to this day still exists for the same reasons it did even before the creation of The United States of America. Why Was the Volunteer Regional Defense Force Created? The Volunteer Regional Defense Force was created under the idea that today's citizen needs a group of like minded people focused on semi-autonomous structure to react to various dangers our community may face. Recent times have been plagued by historically altering events. Our Governments gigantic structure is unlikely to be immediately effective in the event of wide spread societal strife and/or disorder in our normal economic flow. We have and will face events that have the capability of severely distorting the lifestyle we currently inhabit. As a society we have been lucky enough to endure such events, but we should always be vigilant to be prepared for scenarios that don't return to normalcy. We live in a fragile society that has constant threats internally and external. It is only prudent that the Volunteer Regional Defense Force acts as a last safeguard from those threats. Who We are: We strive to be a varied group of ordinary everyday individuals. We all possess different skill-sets, and life experiences. We are common people united as a community with shared interests. We strive to be a Militia with a place for all citizens. What We believe: We believe we have the ability to assist our community in various ways , and as citizens our duty is to protect our communities. We believe it is important to have a variety of viewpoints in an environment where individuals may pursue their passions while benefiting the group. Above all We believe in the Ideas set forth in the Declaration of Independence along with the Constitution and individual freedoms. Why Join the Volunteer Regional Defense Force? There's several reasons to join the Volunteer Regional Defense Force. With only a few exceptions the Mountain Volunteer Militia is open to most individuals. Some reasons that may interest you are Interest in connecting with like minded individuals Participation in Defensive Drills and Training. Participation in Medical training. The Volunteer Regional Defense Force is dedicated to providing a more encompassing deterrent solution for the difficult, and possibly dangerous times ahead. As a people We have started to see the fabric of what binds Us tested on nearly every level. The future ahead of Us is volatile, but still not completely certain. The V.R.D.F. was created in an attempt to combat the possible hardships We all may be possibly faced with using the connections we make with one another, and our network of support we create along our way.
  3. Nice. I have been known in the past to rattle can some rifles. Did you use a mesh laundry bag to achieve the pattern?
  4. Sassy: yes. Grumpy: quite possibly. Infiltrator: nah. His ideas come across rough but there's some measure of argument within them. This conversation has been a bit wide so it might make it difficult to truly dive through the depths in someones arguments.
  5. Although I'm Sure most Users here would find this interesting. Its a bit off topic for this thread. I'd recommend the commerce forum https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/forum/135-giveaways-commerce-and-classifieds/ or possibly in the off topic forum: https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/forum/176-off-topic-no-militia-related-topics/ Both would get more active interest for your topic. Thanks.
  6. Recognizing Threats.pdf Recognizing Threats is an informational project created as a short introduction to understanding the possible internal threats facing a Militia. Feel free to offer any critics, or ask for more of an explanation. This is a first public draft to provide valuable information, and measure the possible depth needed in future projects. Any Topic suggestions are welcomed. Recognizing Threats.pdf
  7. I assume you meant 931? If so here’s the link to the area code you are looking for. You should also be able to post there, and message the leader to inquire about their activities planned.
  8. Correct it’s either a guiding principle or a fancy Privilege. When we get in the territory of “it’s a Right except for” we have already started to infringe upon that right. Its a discussion to be had if legal status negates someone’s access to rights but as it’s dictated in the constitution(or the overall principle itself) that’s not how its intended to work. I can imagine this would be to prevent the government from stripping your Rights based on arbitrary laws like they had previously had under British rule.
  9. Keep me up to date on how your group is going. I may be interested. In my previous post, I meant I am as far northeast as possible to be and still be in Tennessee.

  10. I have mixed feelings on Mr lucky. Seems like a nice guy but from my perspective he makes me a little uncomfortable how willing he was to go from building the future to repackaging development tech as consumer products for Microsoft/Facebook’s $$$. Hopefully selling oculus allowed him the ability to Manage his wants with revenue streams in cancel culture. Either way way it’s pretty good to see new tech.
  11. Depends on the state. If it’s a state that has a duty to retreat then you are probably going to be toasted. if not then it’s going to fall under the argument of would an average person feel justified in this action? Thats where it would get tricky. As stated the mob isn’t a current threat but one would most likely have to make a reasonable argument of why they believed this mob would become a threat to them in the immediate future. It would most likely go to trial because it’s not an issue we come across often. Difficult to say because it’s extremely circumstantial. A man man with a bat 50 feet away isn’t an imminent threat but might be able to argue the same distance with a group of 50 people might be different.
  12. The board on which everyone plays. I don’t view the deep state as something different than the State itself. I see it this way since all States that gain enough strength always prioritize the continued existence of itself. Deep state infers the concept of a corrupt government rather than the natural mechanisms of Statehood. Which I’m not so sure that’s the case. as far as the original topic this has been something they have been using for a long time 5+ years just rebranded for red flags rather than counter terrorism. 😉 No group is private no message secure.
  13. I’m not super familiar with KS law, but to my knowledge this is generally correct. Tn splits it into uniformed services and an organized militia(state guard) then the rest is considered unorganized militia(private). I would urge possibly speaking to a legal professional about it. I’m not really sure what would be the difference in a “private” militia and a tactical shooting club other than branding.
  14. It’s a reoccurring issue so it’s likely to come back sooner than later. Its already been framed so next big event you will see it brought back out. If you don’t have the sheer strength to push through authoritarian laws you have to get people to beg for them.

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