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    The Militia Leadership Assembly - MLA Was formed in Feb 2020 in an attempt to work with the leadership structure of the many militias across the nation. To discuss leadership topics and site features on My Militia including Militia Management options and resources. Join this club if you want to learn more about how the site works and what your next step should be as a leader. This group is not for normal unit members please request that your leader join this group. See The Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/themla/

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    The South Eastern Militia Command was created with the intent to bridge together Liberty focused Patriots, and Individuals into a Network of connected resources. In coming times it is clear greater communication and mutual participation is required to successfully grow our movement.The South Eastern United States is truly fortunate to have a unique culture, and environment that naturally promotes the values held deep in the Patriot Militia. It's time to Reignite the Familial bonds we once held. All Militia's/Groups and Individual's in the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana,and Tennessee that are willing to participate are welcome. Our goal is to use our collective skills, and assets to create a body that is larger than the sum of its parts. The structure system is setup to allow Units/Groups to retain their current structures and individuality. Militia's should be reflective of the Regions, and Communities they protect. No dues are expected from any members. In the case of events or cross training it will be the Militia's involved responsibility to work out cost's/funding.

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    We are a statewide unit training hard and preparing for any situation that may arise. We are always looking for good people no matter your walk of life. Message me here or on FB if you would like more information. FB: Derrick Owens. God speed and head on a swivel.

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    The WNCDM will be a militia based on the constitution of the United States. The goal of this militia will be protecting and serving our country and our neighbors. All are welcome, but in this militia we will conduct ourselves in a professional and moral manner. When we train we will train hard. It is important that if we take on the responsibility of being a militia member that we can responsibly carry out our duty. That means being trained and being fit for duty. With that said no one will be turned away unless mentally unfit for duty. You must be a lawful gun owner and have a concealed carry. This is only to ensure that we are of safe sound mind company. All participants must own a firearm for defense, we are a non paid volunteer militia. With the never quit attitude and desire to serve our country we can make our chunk of the world a better place. Welcome Brothers and Sisters.

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