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  1. Moderation is based on behavior not language. Please review MYMilitia’s guidelines page for Our Code of Conduct. https://www.mymilitia.com/guidelines/ If there’s anything that you there you feel unclear about I would be happy to explain in greater detail.
  2. Well we should of understood this was possible from the beginning. At some point certain permanent government fixtures were running operations which could of been considered acts of war without a single elected officials approval. So not really surprising we are feeling the bolts tighten once again. As far Taps/Red flag laws and the general situation currently. It’s really shown that we have some serious issues with unaccountable/unchecked power. Legislatively we have a need for more accountable legislation. We also need a quicker legal remedy for bringing accountability to unconstitutional actions.
  3. The same reason this would fail is the same reason we are in this mess. We have failed to properly distribute why the values of Liberty and Liberalism are worth enduring hardship. It’s likely a large percentage of the population might agree that these are arbitrary uses of power. It doesn’t mean they will suddenly throw away everything they have worked for to follow a romanized concept of revolution. So it’s likely a large percentage would rise against you. It’s time to stop pretending like Patriot’s are the only Faction in play. It’s fine to be upset at the situation, but it’s time to start using the situation to legitimize our objections to the establishment rule. If the reinstatement/protection of the principles of Liberty is your goal that’s a more complicated process than seeking glory through conflict.
  4. AWS Light Assaulters Belt is a cost effective option. 2 piece inner outer belt with cobra for 75$ . If you really have some series money to throw at it you could get a Ronin Tactics belt. It has gold in the buckle so you know you want it. Really depends on your price point. On a budget You can achieve a two part system using condor for around 50$ or a Molle patrol belt from eagle industries for under 50.
  5. Depends on your philosophical view point on speech. Which as a whole the Gov has never agreed on what is acceptable speech. which explains the amount of sedition acts we have had. What we see today is just a strict philosophical viewpoint on speech along with post modern concepts of Tort.
  6. Civil war is possible but far from certain. Its also possible that we go completely the opposite direction. Personally I would see all factions are still in a recruiting phase. Since its debatable if these groups want to take the system or topple it. No groups really have the strength to wage a open conflict or come close to being able to dislodge the establishment. Although its possible we see a greater civil dispute phase happen leading to this snap rise in those factions but it’s uncertain. What do we currently do? We close ranks around Our principles and stick to that message. Plenty of room for theories and endless imagination in times of peace. In times of War we stick to what we know is true, and works.
  7. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=402266770976&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111 Recently I have moved back to selling some excess surplus I have laying around. Currently I have very few items but if it’s a desired product series I would be happy to source more. So if you have a particular style you care for but can’t find the correct pattern. Feel free to message me.
  8. How much should the Patriot Militia be Influenced or involved in politics? Very little. The patriot Militia should be apolitical to an extent. The part of Us being Patriots is what gives our message strength. A militia is nothing more than a group of armed non state actors. Patriots should be dedicated to defending the values of Liberty. Which is a philosophical view point. How much does politics influence the Patriot Militia? A solid amount. Today politics and identity are nearly indistinguishable sometimes. This is why the movement is littered with individuals using the movement as a shield to push their political agenda. This probably also why we struggle breaking our beyond crowds that already agree with Us politically. Principles are largely objective and apolitical.
  9. Ah Forced vaccinations I figured that’s where this was actually coming from. They have already admitted even by that time frame they wouldn’t have enough if everyone wanted one. Which makes sense but doesn’t align with your narrative so you likely ignored it. Could be some issues with using the military to give vaccines but this road down the path of partial truth mixed with conspiracy makes it pretty certain that it won’t gain any attention. Also HR 6666 cant really be stated that it’s forced anything. It’s hard to get people to listen if what you are saying sounds closer to conspiracy based religion than reality.
  10. Lots of people like them. Personally mine had critical failures that made it kinda hard to trust past that point. What caught your eye about the Canik over something like the security 9 sc or the ppq sc?
  11. Pretty simple if they are playing smart. You need a specific transgression to file a suit. If they are playing the long game over short term activism it makes sense to legitimize their objections to the state of Affairs through legal actions. Resulting in a win will draw a line legally or they lose gaining legitimacy to their complaints. I get a lot of peoples opinion is to just boogaloo. Reality is without accurately voicing and allowing the accused party a chance to address the voiced opinions will fail. The general public needs to know what that party is guilty of, and that they chose not to address it reasonably. This is pretty consistent across the board.
  12. I understand your concerns. Yes, you are correct in there needs to be some sort of directional concept put out regarding the transition and future. Although I believe Josh has been open in acknowledging his limited knowledge/experience with the Militia movement. I believe it’s also reasonable to allow a bit of spin up time to examine where we are and what we can/want to do before expecting that sort of direction. We are currently working on the transition. You might have seen or spoken to some our new staff members on discord. Things worth value take time, but don’t worry We are actively working on it.
  13. That’s a pretty bold narrative. Indiscriminate large scale weapons are immoral by their nature. We have plenty of those. So it being immoral doesn’t make sense. The cause of this virus matters very little to be honest outside of throwing shade at political opponents. Without some solid sources this isn’t any different than Gun Grabbers standing on dead children.
  14. No love for the PTR91? There is also the Keltec RFB.
  15. It’s possible we see this happening either way. Militia’s are rising on both ends of the political spectrum. At a basic level past all the additional branding Militia’s are just a check and balance for establishment power. This is something I’ve heard several times from the unaffiliated. Gov doesn’t have to lift a finger when the Militia throttles it’s self with weird or extreme idea’s.
  16. Not to my knowledge. The user you are referencing ,I believe, had both accounts removed.
  17. This country has always had great divides in thought. Same or similar problems just now it’s like we just lack qualified people to handle them.
  18. Vaccines are a complicated issue. Largely due to our lack of testing. Vaccines in theory lower the susceptible amount transmissions in a populace. Which has shown the ability to work within reasonable expectations. What we do know: There is reasonable amounts of information that lends the credibility of commonly experienced side effects. It’s difficult to tell to what reason it’s manifesting due to lack of studies. Wide amount of variables. Vaccines have very questionable quality control with the Point of manufacture being in charge of a large amount of quality testing. The Vaccine industry is nearly legally immune. What we don’t know: We have varied reports of how effective vaccines are. Sometimes they fail. A good example is the recent outbreaks having infected vaccinated people. Long term effects or side effects of dosing regiment. Neither the Vaccines are completely safe or Vaccines are evil concepts are correct. We should view it as an industry because that’s what it is.
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