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  1. I am from South of you but I work in Olathe and attend church in Olathe.
  2. I use telegram and signal app for end to end encryption on my phone. That's where all my main communication is done.
  3. We have a couple in Johnson and im just South of there
  4. Welcome back. I was hoping you would stop back in.
  5. I'm an admin on the FB pages. I had someone ask me if there were groups near Athens. I told him I would find out.
  6. There are a couple of options. For groups there is a Kansas Lightfoot unit forming in that area. And there is another group Kansas Constitutional Militia
  7. Lol. I read that as where is Emporia not where in Emporia. https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/233695
  8. Emporia is between Wichita and Topeka.
  9. We are having a meeting on July 11th in Emporia.
  10. Hey Sleeper. Im intetested in the communications. I didn't even see this post until today.
  11. Don't get me wrong. It is doable. Figure out what model you want to go with. That is a good start.
  12. Yes. From experience. I wish it wasn't true. Militias are known for infighting and pissing matches. I'm finally in a group that seems to have it together but it is usually a rare thing. That being said talking to LEO isn't necessarily a bad idea. Or even forming a neighborhood watch if you don't have one.
  13. Militias can barely coordinate amongst themselves. Most probably don't coordinate with anyone else very well either.
  14. This is a chance to get away from the keyboard and start getting serious.

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