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  1. We are having a meeting on July 11th in Emporia.
  2. Hey Sleeper. Im intetested in the communications. I didn't even see this post until today.
  3. You can list your group on the Militia Page under Kansas Militias.
  4. Since we didn't know of your group when we went with Lightfoot model. We weren't selecting it because you did.
  5. Meaning the Lightfoot also uses it. So we are following the Lightfoot system. If it matches with yours it is unintended.
  6. Don't get me wrong. It is doable. Figure out what model you want to go with. That is a good start.
  7. Yes. From experience. I wish it wasn't true. Militias are known for infighting and pissing matches. I'm finally in a group that seems to have it together but it is usually a rare thing. That being said talking to LEO isn't necessarily a bad idea. Or even forming a neighborhood watch if you don't have one.
  8. Militias can barely coordinate amongst themselves. Most probably don't coordinate with anyone else very well either.
  9. This is a chance to get away from the keyboard and start getting serious.
  10. @ GearBolt Tech Feel free to do whatever you want. If you want to go off half cocked by yourself then good luck. You want to say You have these skills but don't want to or can't teach then sit down and shut up. A lone wolf will accomplish nothing. You want to know how we vet people. We let them make an ass of themselves by shooting their mouths off. You want to come in here calling people names and calling everyone out just shows everyone you aren't ready to be in any group. If you are in Nebraska go bug them and let us get organized and TRAIN people to defend OUR state and stay in your lane.
  11. We are working on doing weekends very soon.
  12. https://discord.gg/gCpP4dv
  13. I went shooting this past Saturday. I shot a friend's 9mm AR build. Now its on my list. Lol

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