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  1. Happy Independance Day!! Central NM checking in. I have decided to 'pull the trigger' and purchase an AR-based rifle. I have done some research on the web, and its looking like they are as rare as hens' teeth. Guess its WuFlu screwing up manufacturing output. I would like to get one this week, so if anyone knows of a shop that has a stock, please let me know. Either PM me, or post here. I'll be checking in frequently. Thanks!
  2. @ Marinephil , Clovis is just a few hours down the road from Mountainair, where I live. Drive out to the highway, take a left turn, and I'm there! I assume you work, would you like to schedule a meetup?
  3. Hi, guys; I need to find a gunsmith. I took my Smith & Wesson pump action 12 gauge to the range the other day, and found out that it will not retain rounds in the magazine when I attempt to load it. Apparently the little pawl that is supposed to retain the round in the magazine is not doing its job. I live in a small town about 80 road miles from ABQ, but do not want to go there if I can avoid it...(riots & stuff). Does anyone have someone you can recommend? Thanks!
  4. Central NM checking in. @ Dav Harzin , I am assuming that one requirement for participating in an activity like the one you just completed would be the ownership of an AR or AK type 'modern sporting rifle'. I do not own one yet, another thing of my list of 'stuff I gotta do'. Thinking of building one, but not sure where to start, or what tools are needed. Need to do some research.
  5. @ Dav Harzin , I wanted to attend, but it seemed like it was going to be 'activity intensive'.. A lot more than an afternoon at the range. I am going to work on my physical conditioning, and hopefully will be in good enough shape to make it next year. Thanks for the update.
  6. Hi, Lisankate; I am about 2 1/2 hours west of you along hwy 60. We have a couple in Las Cruces and one in NW ABQ. I think I'm closest. Welcome!
  7. Gentlemen; Well, I am getting very tired of this forced isolation, and intend to do something about it. I am guessing that most of you feel the same way. What I am thinking of doibg is sending a letter to the governor (handwritten through the postal service, Not an email that can be deleted) that would go something like this- Madame Governor; Thank you for the thirty day 'free trial' of Socialism. Based on its apparent effect on my personal health, as well as the phyisical and financial health of this State, I have decided that I do not wish to continue in this condition. My rights under the Constitution of the United States have been denied to myself, as well as to the other Citizens of this State for far too long. It has been stated by your ofdice that this condition will end April 30, 2020. If my rights under the U. S. Constitution are not restored IN FULL bo 0001 jours May 1st, 2020, I SHALL TAKE THEM. Sincerely, If anyone has other suggestions of action we can take, or (constructive) criticism of mt idea, please post your views! Thanks.
  8. @ Grandpa Chuckie ; This has me very concerned. The fact that the police are arresting people who are not breaking any laws seems to prove that they will not side with 2A supporters when the shtf over unconstitutional laws trying to limit or otherwise inhibit the 2nd Amendment. I suspect that we will be alone facing the full might of a tyrannical government. Keep your powder dry, boys!
  9. @grandpa chuckie; I pray yhat your predictions are inaccurate, although I DO see how it could come to pass. It would also mean, IMHO, the demise of our Republic, and the rise of a socialist/communist political system. I pray that does not come to pass.
  10. Grandpa Chuckie; if I were your doctor, I would be initiating a class action suit against the Queen and her cohorts alleging enacting unconstitutional laws. I know a ccouple of Christian law firms that would possibly take the case. The gc range is open, the range at the gun dealer is closed. I still need to get up there to buy some ammo. This is beginning to look like a power grab by the left. They want to emulate California. Keep your powder dry, it looks like it is almost time for revolution.
  11. Good Morning! Central NM checking in. I do not think I can handle sitting on my tail for another month. It is warming up here-think I will head out to the gun club range and get some practice in. Everyone stay safe!
  12. Just called my local gun shop and found that they are 'open on a limited basis', doing gun and ammo sales only. They have limited ammo sales to 1ea. 50 round box per visit. Prices arent bad either. I need to go pick some up tomorrow. They are doing it 'by appointment' to stay under the 'greyshirts'(SP) radar. Our socialist governor is not budging an inch on her anti-2A position.
  13. I saw an email from the NRA that 'queen' Grisham is posting NMSP officers at gun stores to 'ensure that they stay closed'. I sure wish that the NRA would get more actively involved in state level issues. I'd like some return for my dues.
  14. I read on a conservative news site yesterday that some of the 'tin hat' crowd are being 'triggered' by the movement of military materiel, specifically in the northeast. Concern was that the N.G. was going to enforce 'martial law. This was countered by the Illinois N.G. Commander telling an interviewer, "If we wanted to move rolling stock (Humvees) into Chicago, we would not ship them by train, we would drive them!!"
  15. @cethomas1113; Anywhere near Alamogordo?

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